Kyrie Irving wants out of Cleveland. The Cavaliers point guard requested a trade in a meeting he had with ownership last week.

Reports are everywhere saying Irving wants to leave Cleveland so he can be the focal point of a franchise instead of playing alongside LeBron James.

One question I have to ask is why would anyone not want to play with LeBron?  James is the greatest player of this generation. He’s unselfish on the court and has helped Irving win a championship and make three consecutive NBA Finals appearances since he returned to the Cavs in the summer of 2014.

Now Irving wants out. Only he knows why he doesn’t want to play with LeBron anymore, but here are my guesses.

kyrie-2There is a chance Irving never wanted to play with James to begin with. He just signed a max contract to be “the guy” in Cleveland. Then, all of a sudden, Irving was reduced to a sidekick. When he signed the extension, he was led to believe the Cavs were building around him. That promise evaporated when James came aboard. If this was the case, I have to give Irving credit for making it work. But it was not what he signed up to do.

There’s also the constant rumors that James could leave Cleveland again in free agency to put himself in a better position to win another title.

If Irving believes James is going to a new team in a year, it doesn’t make sense for him to waste his prime as the Cavs rebuild.

I think Irving sees himself as another Russell Westbrook or a James Harden. He may feel that being the face of a franchise is more of a challenge. As soon as Harden and Westbrook escaped the shadow of Kevin Durant, they became annual MVP candidates.

James and Irving accomplished some great things together, including winning one of the most historic NBA Finals ever in 2016. Now Irving is ready to end the relationship. Maybe he never wanted it to start in the first place.

Cowboy Hypocrisy

The Dallas Cowboys cannot seem to get out of the news this summer. Police blotter news, that is.

And personnel matters stemming from the blotter news are getting more and more controversial.

lucky-whiteheadThe Cowboys, most specifically, owner Jerry Jones cut receiver Lucky Whitehead on Monday. They did so just a few hours after a warrant was issued for his arrest. The warrant was for failure to appear in court.

But as it appears, Whitehead didn’t even commit the crime in question — shoplifting. Whitehead was not even in Virginia, where the crime occurred, at the time. It has been since confirmed that someone stole his identity. So, Whitehead didn’t know he’s supposed to appear in court to face a charge he didn’t commit and was unaware of.

The Cowboys cut him anyway.

The same Cowboys who harbor anyone, so long as they have a certain amount of talent. Like star running back Ezekiel Elliott and his history of domestic violence.

The Cowboys have also ignored last week’s bar incident where Elliott reportedly punched someone in the face. The point is, the Cowboys cut a less-talented player without even gathering the facts, but they’ll never part with a starter.

Maybe justice does win out though as it has been quite some time since Dallas has been relevant in NFL playoff action.

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