It seems like just yesterday when Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer was suspended. Ahh, that’s right. It was just the other day.

Urban ‘I just misspoke, I did not lie’ Meyer has served his three game suspension and will return to the sidelines this week when the Buckeyes face Tulane on Saturday.

In an attempt to rebuild his image, Meyer held yet another press conference on Monday. Remember, Meyer was punished last month for how he mishandled the domestic abuse allegations about former assistant Zach Smith.

The hour long presser showed again that Meyer has not learned much from his time away from the sideline, making it all about himself rather than victims of domestic violence.

Meyer acknowledged that his actions damaged Ohio State’s reputation. In addition, he acknowledged that he would have fired Smith long ago had he seen “red flags” he missed.

The Buckeyes’ head coach said he believes his suspension and apologies were not because he ignored domestic violence, but because he was trying too hard to help Zach Smith. When asked if he believes that Courtney Smith was the victim of domestic violence, he dodged the question while saying he has not reached out to Courtney Smith.

The following is also quite interesting. Meyer apologized for misstating what he knew about the incident at Big Ten Media Day but maintained that he did not intentionally lie. Ohio State’s investigation determined that the false statements made at the time were due in part to memory issues that Meyer deals with from time to time because of medication.

When asked about his memory issues on Monday, Meyer said that he is “very healthy” and that memory issues do not impact his ability to coach football. Meyer was also asked about the saga around whether text messages were deleted as was discovered during the report. He had an answer for that too, citing that an IT person did something to his phone to get him more memory. He then cleverly stated that HE has never done anything like that.

If Ohio State keeps winning, these issues will likely fade from the spotlight. Just like Meyer is hoping.

College Football News

The non-conference games are starting to come to a close. I thought I would spend some time reviewing the best and worst of the non-conference games thus far.

Clemson had the most impressive win in my mind as the Tigers traveled to Texas A&M and won. Remember, most power schools stay home for non-conference games. Not Dabo Sweeny.

Auburn had a nice 21-16 win over the PAC-12’s best team, Washington. It may have worn the Tigers down though as they fell to LSU last week.

Notre Dame stayed home and opened the season with a 24-17 win over Michigan. Both have not lost since.

The worst loss had to be Wisconsin losing at home to BYU by a 24-21 count. The Badgers were a top five team until last week’s setback. Still, they will likely meet and lose to Ohio State in the Big 10 title game.

Miami’s 17-33 loss to LSU was a shocker. The Hurricanes entered the contest ranked 8th in the nation. LSU has kept on winning since.

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