Conover, NC – Come take a journey through the life of Jesus Christ, experience His birth, ministry, death, resurrection, and ascension as Tri-City Baptist Church presents “The Promise” 2016. This will be unforgettable experience as flying angels proclaim His birth, live animals proceed down the aisles and a cast of over 200 bring to life the Greatest Story Ever Told! “The Promise” will be offering  eight exciting performances.

This will be Tri-City’s 20th year of the Drama Known as “The Promise”. It has become a Holiday tradition for many of the viewers in the immediate and surrounding areas as well as neighboring states. People come every year to share in the experience of the realism that the drama creates, to feel as if they have been to the manger themselves and have seen His birth, walked to market, or simply were part of the crowd that witnessed His healings first hand. Come join us and sit back and watch as the Lords supper takes place right before your very eyes.

As a member of the audience you will feel the pain of His journey to the cross, and then to find yourself lost in the joy of his Resurrection. There are 8,000 to 9,000 people each year and no matter what their reasons are the cast of over 200 practice to make each viewers experience a unique and special event.

When asked which scenes seem to be the most popular, Director Rhea Pettis will tell you the scene that’s the most dear to her heart  is the Healing scene, others will say it’s when Jesus beats Satan, and the young children will say it’s all about the animals. Without doubt each person leaves with their own special memory of the performance as “The Promise” offers something for all ages.

the-promiseThe Promise changes every 2 to 3 years, some new scenes are added some taken out so if you have not seen it in a while or maybe the last time you had the opportunity to see it was on the L.R. stage, it is time to come back. There have been some major changes that have taken place especially the opening. And to answer those of you that may have seen “The Promise” before, Yes… The Monks, which are always a crowd favorite, are still part of show you can see them at the end of each performance.

Each cast member is a church member of Tri-City Baptist Church, and there are tryouts for each part, even the soloist parts. The animals are live and are from Buffalo Beal’s Animal Park in Maiden, N.C., Its very different experience to watch a horse being ridden in front of you in a church or to look over an see a camel walk down the aisle right beside you, along with those animals you may see many sheep, a donkey, doves and yes a snake (a large Albino Python) who appears while Satan tries his very best tempt Jesus. Tri-City tries to make this production as real as possible, and goes to great lengths to make props as real as they can by seeking experts in those areas, the backdrops and larger props where created by Wrightworks,Inc.,Dallas Texas.

Along with them Roger Carroll also helps in the painting and touch ups of those beautiful back drops and props. The Costumes are from Heaven Sent Designs, Jacksonville, Florida. And have Sherry Peckhause and her seamstress team available at all times for fittings, adjustments and mending.

The traps that fly the angels are from Foy Inventerprizes Inc. Las Vegas, Nevada, who fly out every year to install them and to make sure they are being properly used. The Photographer used for all pictures and DVD’s is Shane Greene Photography, Hickory, N.C and can be viewed on his web site.

The Promise has specialty lights for an arrangement of different effects and those are done by Light Design & Production Services, Greensboro, N.C. Each cast member must go through the makeup team to have there make up apply just right for the stage lighting , can you imagine doing make up for 200 or more people , that’s a lot of makeup and people.

The cast members also have a lunch team that makes sure the cast and crew are fed, and a parking lot team to make sure your parking needs are meet. With that being said it takes a large dedicated mass of people to make sure the Production goes on without a hitch. Media night will be held at the 1st opening night Friday December 2nd at 7 pm come out and spend some time with radio stations in this area as well as Charlotte.

The Director – Rhea Pettis along with the Production Team comes together every year as early as February, right after the production has ended, to discuss the following year so those who think its just a December production, for Tri-City it is year round and takes a lot of planning to pull of such an event (an $80,000 dollar event) I’ll assure you it’s no small task.

The Promise is a Drama that started 20 years ago and was performed for the church members , it became so big it was moved to LR College for many years and then Tri-City finished with the building of the new sanctuary in 2003 during the 2003 year The Promise took a year off but resumed in 2004 and has come to rest back at home on the stage that was built to support such a large production , with more capabilities of future changes, also a lot more room to work with when it comes to holding so many cast and crew members and the storing of all the props and costumes.

The Promise has also over the years been taken to some very interesting places it was performed in Haiti for 2 years, it has also been taken to the Alexander Maximum Prison for many years, although at each of these advents it was a smaller version of The Promise, the message was still the same and just as powerful.

As The Drama continues the lead role of Jesus will be held by Eric Gentry this will be his 12th year in this role, but before he became to be lead to this role he was I disciple  with Steve Beasley and Tonia Starr as janitors both are the Narrators  and have been part of the production many years in many different roles, But there are many cast members who have been in the drama from the beginning and who continue on to share to the public the Greatest Story Ever Told.

So if you looking for something to bring a different prospective to your Holiday, or to share with others the meaning of the Holiday young or old. Tickets are now on sale and do sale out so we encourage you to get your tickets in advance and at a cheaper price, Tri-city also offers special group rates and tickets make great gifts.

For information on tickets call Tri-City Baptist Church at 828-465-6644 ext 203 or visit you can also buy tickets on line.

8 different shows and times:
Friday December 2nd, 7 pm
Friday December  9th, 7pm
Saturday December 3rd, 2pm & 7 pm
Saturday December 10th, 2pm & 7pm
Sunday December 4th, 5pm
Sunday December 11th, 5pm

Photo: Birth of Jesus, in The Promise