Valdese, NC – Valdese Family Friday Nights Summer Concert series will feature Tony Bailey this Friday, June 1, beginning at 7:00pm, located in the Town Parking area.

Tony Bailey grew up in Mocksville, North Carolina. He found a love for music at an early age, singing in front of mirrors and strumming toy guitars. He started playing guitar when he was twelve years old, and has played ever since. He plays all kinds of music, but his favorite is country.

Bailey began going to country music concerts with his grandmother when he was a child, and he attributes this to his love for country. “We saw every major artist you can think of, and it was an experience that I look back on and thank God for to this very day….My roots were always in country music, and that’s where I am proud to be at now in my life.”

Bailey writes his own songs and says that each song takes him on a different journey. Most of his songs are based on real life situations and memories of growing up in the South. He plays over 150 shows each year and travels through the Carolinas and Tennessee to perform. Bailey says that he loves to perform for live audiences. “There is nothing like seeing the crowd singing your songs along with you, and it humbles me so that I just want to reach out and high-five every person there and thank them for being there!”

Concessions will be for sale during the concert series and different civic groups will offer 50/50 raffles every Friday. Season lineup cards will be available for pick up at the concession trailer. Checkers, Tic-Tack-Toe and other games will be available for public use. Myra’s Cruise In will begin every Friday night at 6:00pm and downtown shops will remain open later.

For further information about events in Valdese and the full Family Friday Nights Concert Schedule go to or call 828-879-2129.