Hickory – Some animals seem to be scooped up in a flash while others sit and wait. Is it that Charlotte does not show well in the kennels, or that Mr. Sunshine is a black cat and struggles to stand out? Whatever the reason our furry friends find themselves in our care one thing is for sure, they are all wonderful pets, and whoever adopts them is going to have a lot of love on their hands. We know that each of them has a home out there and a family who is waiting to find them. And that’s our job, to help them on this journey. This September Humane Society of Catawba County is shining a light on our long term residents to help out the ones who have struggled to find their families. When you consider the average stay at our shelter is 34 days those that start to creep towards the one-year mark really pull on our heartstrings.

If you think about it, adopting a long-term resident from a shelter is a safe bet. These are the pets that the staff and volunteers know the most about. These are the ones we have worked with, helping to socialize them and teaching them to trust. We’ve spent so much time together that we can tell you all about their personalities. Do you travel often, and want a dog to keep you company on the road? Consider adopting Abby! She loves going for car rides and is incredibly well mannered. She would also be excellent in a home, a totally trust worthy dog who loves soft blankets. She’s even considered house broken! Do you live for adventure, and can’t wait for the weekend so that you can hit the trail? You should meet Bear! Bear loves to hike, run, and especially swim. She’s so well behaved that she can even be trusted off leash. Her favorite moments are when she gets to nap on warm creek side rocks. Whatever life style you live there’s a pet at our shelter for you. With over 800 residents we’re sure to have the perfect fit.

It’s easy to love a puppy or a kitten, but it’s more rewarding to earn the love of an adult pet who has faced hardship in their lifetime. You will never find a deeper bond than the one you make with the animal you save.

As an incentive to adopt we are lowering the adoption fees this month on all long term residents. Any pet who has been at HSCC for close to a year or more will be fee waived. This September take a chance on a pet who needs you. Take the time to visit with the shy ones, the ones that don’t jump out, don’t be intimidated when they bark at you in the kennels, visit the older animals, and those who are missing limbs. This is where the good stuff happens. Take a chance on a long term pet from HSCC!