Now in Theaters:

Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part 1-Tom Cruise is back as Ethan Hunt, putting his personal life on the backburner as he trots around the globe attempting to locate a deadly weapon, in the 160-minute, first half of the 7th installment in this film series.

Joy Ride – A quartet of friends get into hijinks during a business trip to Asia in this comedy from Adele Lim.

New to Streaming:

Wham! (***) is a new documentary covering the formative years of pop star, George Michael, and his time spent with the band of the film’s title. Those looking for info on Michael’s later years won’t find it here but as a portrait of the rise and fall of Wham! It gets the job done effectively.

George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley from Wham!

New to Disc:


Scream VI (2023) The latest installment of the franchise that refuses to be put out to pasture makes its way to 4K and Blu Ray this week. In the newest entry, four survivors head to the Big Apple, only to find Ghostface not far behind. There are a few featurettes included as bonus material.


The Burning (1981) A burned camp janitor seeks revenge in this slasher classic now making its way to the 4K disc format this week. Previously issued extras have been carried over.


Beau is Afraid (2023) Director Ari Aster’s (Midsommar) three-hour portrait of a mentally disturbed man’s journey home makes its way to Blu Ray this week with a few extras.

Also being issued by the label this week is the WWII actioner, Sisu (2023) and the adaptation of the Judy Blume novel, Are You There God? It’s Me Margaret (2023).

Ignite Films:

Invaders From Mars (1953) A boy can’t convince the adults that aliens walk among us in this fifties sci fi classic getting a new 4K restoration and a nice selection of extras.


The After Hours (1985) Martin Scorsese’s paranoia portrait of an office worker’s night from hell makes its way to disc in both Blu Ray and 4K editions. Extras include interviews and commentary.

The Watermelon Woman (1996) Cheryl Dunye directed and stars in this tale of a lesbian video clerk obsessed with the 1930s era performer of the film’s title. Extras include interviews and six early short films.


Film Noir: The Dark Side of Cinema XV (1957) The latest in the label’s ongoing series includes the following titles; Man Afraid, The Girl in the Kremlin, The Tattered Dress. Bonus material includes new commentaries.

Human Desire (1954) Glenn Ford is a returning WWII vet succumbing to the charms of his boss’s wife in this thriller from director Fritz Lang. Extras include a new commentary.

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