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Living (***) Akira Kurosawa’s classic film from the the 1950s, Ikiru, gets a remake that retains the basic story about a civil servant given a terminal illness diagnosis. Bill Nighy recently scored a well-deserved Oscar nomination for his performance as a man attempting to make an ultimate difference before his life ends. The film lacks the energy it sorely needs at times but it’s an overall pleasing experience.

New to Streaming and Digital:

Alive (2022) is a new horror outing from filmmaker David Marantz about a woman trapped in a post zombie world who attempts to find a cure for her brother after he is infected by the living dead. In her quest she encounters a man who has a frightening secret. (October Coast is the Distributor)

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Bill Nighy in Living

New to Disc:


The Italian Job (1969) Michael Caine is a recently released convict tasked with stealing $4 million worth of gold from a moving vehicle in broad daylight in this delightful comedy caper now getting its first ever 4K UHD release. Benny Hill also appears in a small role. Extras include featurettes, a making of doc and commentary.

The Asphyx (1972) Robert Stephens becomes obsessed with trapping the spirit that comes to take us away during the moment of death in this interesting British thriller. The disc contains a commentary and both the 99-minute extended version and the original theatrical cut.

The Lady from Shanghai (1947) Orson Welles’ classic film noir about a seaman’s involvement in a murder mystery comes to Blu Ray in a new special edition that includes both new and archival commentary and interviews.

Shout Factory:

The label is issuing several double features on Blu Ray this week. They are Escape to Athena (1977)/March or Die (1979) and Dance with Death (1989)/ Dance of the Damned (1992).

Dawn of the Dead (2004) Zac Snyder’s reimagining of the classic 1978 film gets a 4K upgrade this week from the label. Previously issued extras have been retained.


Event Horizon (1997) This cult sci fi horror outing starring Laurence Fishburne received a steelbook 4K release last fall that quickly went out of print. The studio is reissuing that disc in a standard package version that is basically the same content as the earlier release.

Other Blu Ray catalog title releases from the studio this week are Young Sherlock Holmes (1985), The Diving Bell and the Butterfly (2007), Gallipoli (1981) and Big Night (1996).