Film Reviews by Adam Long


 Thor: Love and Thunder (2022) The fourth Thor adventure-and the Republic will stand if it’s the last-finds the hammering superhero having his peace quest ruined when a villain with God extinction on his mind enters the picture.


Natalie Portman & Chris Hemsworth in Thor

 Apples (2022) A man with amnesia enrolls in a mysterious new program that helps unclaimed patients rebuild their lives. Christos Nikou has received positive reactions for this new film.



The Girl in the Picture (2022) (Netflix) A young woman’s death and the subsequent kidnapping of her son are at the center of this truth-is-stranger-than-fiction documentary that’s been receiving wide acclaim.



Film Movement:

The indie label has two offerings this week. They are the Japanese thriller/sex comedy Sexual Drive (2021) and the Romanian police drama, Poppy Field (2021). Both DVD releases include bonus features.


Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984) The second film in the Indiana Jones franchise has been reissued in 4K in an attractive new steel book set. Previously issued extras have been retained.

Rough Cut (1980) The romantic comedy concerning a jewel thief (Burt Reynolds) and a kleptomaniac (Lesley-Anne Down) makes its Blu-Ray debut as part of the Paramount Presents line of titles and contains a few new extras.

Other catalog releases from the label this week include Bebe’s Kids (1992), Galaxy Quests (1999), Changing Lanes (2002), Leap of Faith (1992), Domestic Disturbance (2001) and Down to Earth (2001).

Warner Archive:

The Frisco Kid (1979) Gene Wilder and Harrison Ford form an unlikely pair in Robert Aldrich’s tale of the misadventures of a Polish Rabbi in the old west. No Extras.


Raging Bull (1980) Martin Scorsese’s legendary biopic about the life and times of boxer Jake LaMotta makes the leap to 4K this week in a handsome new edition that includes both new and previously issued extras.

Summertime (1955) Katherine Hepburn and Rosanno Brazzi star in this tale of a spinster’s affair with a married man while on vacation in Italy. David Lean directed this bittersweet romance. The new edition includes both archival and new extras.


 Star Trek: Lower Decks Season 2 (2021) Every episode of the second season of the animated show makes its way to Blu Ray in this new edition which also includes over one hour of special features.