Hickory – HMA has partnered with Imagine One Hospitality to bring you The Works by Warhol exhibition will bring 36 iconic masterworks by one of America’s most prominent artists to Hickory Museum of Art. The exhibition will raise the museum’s profile while affording opportunities to connect with audiences of all ages.

The museum’s staff is pleased to partner with Imagine One Hospitality as the presenting sponsor for this important project, which will be accompanied by a Studio54 themed gala. This special event will occur at a time when it is safe for our community to come together and celebrate Andy Warhol’s pioneering creative spirit. Two of Imagine One Hospitality’s restaurants, Cafe Rule & Wine Bar and Peppervine will also host programs and events that will activate the exhibition.

Featuring a broad cross-section of examples from Warhol’s storied career, the galleries will be activated by the appearance of pop culture staples such as “Mick Jagger,” “Santa Claus,” and “Mickey Mouse.” The show will also explore Warhol’s responses to major moments in U.S. history, including the assassination of John F. Kennedy, Neil Armstrong’s moon landing, and the perception of Native Americans in the aftermath of the bicentennial of the United States. The exhibition will include the entire series of American Myths. This body of work was completed in 1981 and showcases Warhol’s lifetime fascination with Hollywood imagery.

Afflicted as a youth by a sickness termed St. Vitus’ Dance, the artist spent countless hours absorbing television, movies, and graphic novels. American Myths marks a return to his formative encounters with figures such as Howdy Doody, the Wicked Witch of the West, Superman, and more. However, the series can also be interpreted through the lenses of consumerism and gender stereotypes.