Film Reviews by Adam Long

Now in theaters:

Nope (** ½) Jordan Peele’s (Get Out) latest, much like his sophomore effort, Us, is a testament to the filmmaker’s skills as a technical craftsman and also further proof of his shortcomings in the storytelling department. The plot here concerns an animal wrangler and his sister, whose services are utilized in the entertainment business, finding themselves contending with an alien life force. Powerful scenes abound but too many subplots minus a payoff spoil the fun. Still an interesting mixed bag that’s marginally recommended and best experienced on a big screen.


Steven Yeun in Nope


New to Disc:

Blue Underground:

God Told Me To (1976) One of the better films in the career of filmmaker Larry Cohen, a disturbing horror film in which a detective tries to get to the bottom of a rash of killings where the perpetrators all give the film’s title as the reason for their actions. Previously issued on Blu Ray, the new edition is a 4K UHD upgrade that boasts a terrific new transfer. Extras include commentaries, interviews, trailers and TV Spots.



I’m Dangerous Tonight (1990) A cursed Red Cloak brings death and mayhem to those who come into its possession in this interesting TV movie directed by Tobe Hooper (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre). The incredibly diverse cast includes Natalie Schafer, Anthony Perkins, R. Lee Ermey and Mary Frann. Extras include a new audio commentary and several featurettes.

Also being issued by the label this week are 4K UHD upgrades of The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004) and The Killing (1956) along with standard Blu Ray issues of Time Out of Mind (1947), Night Gallery Season 2 and Planet of the Vampires (1965).


Film Movement:

Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands (1977) This celebrated French comedy-fantasy, about a woman receiving visits from her dead husband while attempting to reestablish her life after his sudden passing, gets its first ever North American Blu Ray release this week. Extras include new commentary, featurette and a 16-page book.


Scream Factory:

Species (1995) The cult sci fi film starring Natasha Henstridge as the homicidal scientific experiment of the film’s title gets the 4K UHD treatment this week in a three-disc edition that retains previous extras from the 2016 Blu Ray edition.



Channing Tatum and Sandra Bullock in The Lost City

The Lost City (2022) The hit from last spring starring Sandra Bullock as a romance novelist whose life is turned topsy turvy after a kidnapping attempt makes its disc debut this week. Extras include deleted scenes, bloopers and featurettes.