Film Review

New to Disc: 


Devil in a Blue Dress (1995) Carl Franklin’s adaptation of Walter Moseley’s novel involving a post WWII vet (Denzel Washington) finding himself entangled in the mystery of a missing woman (Jennifer Beals), gets the special edition treatment in a new edition that offers up some new extras. These include archival commentary and new featurettes.

Also available from the label this week is last year’s International Film Oscar Winner, Drive My Car (2021).  Extras include featurettes and trailer.

 Blue Underground:

 God Told Me To (1976) Larry Cohen’s tale of a bizarre series of murders that may be connected to an alien force makes its debut in the 4K UHD format with a beautiful new transfer and archival extras.


 Marty (1955) Ernest Borgnine, who won an Oscar for his work here, shines as the lonely butcher who doesn’t expect to find love but does, both to his surprise and the consternation of family and friends. A well deserving winner for Best Picture and screenplay as well. The new release includes a first ever widescreen release of the film. Extras include a new commentary.

Denzel Washington and Don Cheadle in Devil in a Blue Dress

 Where the Lilies Bloom (1974) Earl Hamner (The Waltons) penned the script for this moving adaptation of the Newberry Award Winner about a young girl trying to keep her family together after they suddenly find themselves orphaned. Extras include a new commentary.

Other new releases from the label include double features of They Call Me Mr. Tibbs (1970) and The Organization (1971) and Salt and Pepper (1968) and One More Time (1970).


 Good Burger (1997) The comedy film based on the Nickelodeon series gets a 25th anniversary release in a collectible steel book set. There are no new extras.


 Hell High (1989) A teacher is harassed in her home following the deaths of several students in this thriller. This hard-to-find horror entry sports a great looking transfer. Extras include commentary, deleted scenes and documentaries.

 The Sacred Spirit (2021) A UFO researcher must carry on with his potentially life altering discovery after the death of his partner. The release includes several bonus features.

 The Righteous (2021) A man encounters a stranger and then finds his life unraveling in this thriller from filmmaker Mark O’ Brien. There are multiple extras on this new set.


 JFK Revisited: The Complete Collection (2021) Director Oliver Stone’s latest documentary pertaining to his most recent findings regarding the November 1963 JFK assassination gets a two-disc release which contains both the recently broadcast two hour cut and the longer four-hour version. Extras include commentary.

Other releases from the label this week include new 4K upgrades of Lion of the Desert (1981) and The Message (1976).


 Yellowjackets: Season One (2021) The entire first season of the Showtime series about a group of female soccer players dealing with the aftermath of a plane crash gets a Blu Ray release this week. There are a few extras on the set as well.

 Warner Archive:

 Adventures of Don Juan (1948) Errol Flynn, nearly a decade after his turns in Robin Hood and The Sea Hawk, returned to swashbuckling in the title role of this film as the legendary Spaniard who was known for both his swordsmanship and way with the ladies. Extras include shorts and commentary.