Fkurt-busch-daytona-winKurt Busch led only one lap in last week’s Daytona 500, but it was the only one that mattered. And he did it without a mirror.

Busch did not need a mirror when he passed Kyle Larson on the backstretch of the final lap before holding on for his 29th career win.

As is always the case in the 500, one must avoid the crashes. And Busch did just that en route to his first win at the Daytona 500.

Ryan Blaney finished second followed by AJ Allmendinger, Aric Almirola and Paul Menard in a race of attrition. Looking at those finishers closest to Busch should tell you that there is a new crop of young drivers on the circuit.

Back to the wrecks. According to the Fox Sports broadcast, 35 of the 40-car field were involved in a wreck in some way or another. Only Austin Dillon, Kasey Kahne, Michael Waltrip, Aric Almirola and Allmendinger were not in a wreck.

Say What?

Baylor women’s basketball coach Kim Mulkey has apologized for a “very poor choice of words” after a game last weekend. As Baylor continues to deal with the fallout of multiple sexual assault cases and Title IX investigations, Mulkey was making an impassioned statement on why Baylor is a great institution. In doing do, she made the statement that If parents don’t feel safe sending their daughters to the school, she would “knock them right in the face.” Mulkey said she decided to make the comments after she heard people suggesting to parents that they should not send their daughters to Baylor. She later said she didn’t intend for her remarks to be construed as unsympathetic toward sexual assault victims.

Baylor’s negative attention reached a peak last year when independent law firm Pepper Hamilton released a report saying the university did not handle the allegations of sexual assault on campus properly. Several of those assaults dealt directly with members of the football team. As a result, head coach Art Briles was fired and university president Ken Starr, athletic director Ian McCaw, and Title IX coordinator Patty Crawford all resigned.

Several lawsuits against the school are ongoing, including one that states 52 rapes on campus were caused by 31 separate members of the football team. Mulkey’s newsworthy statement has ended up drawing even more attention to the situation at Baylor. She likely wishes she would have remained quiet. Or use her energy to work on improving the school’s shattered image.

What If No One Will Host The Olympics?

olympicsNews came out of Budapest last week that they are canceling its bid to host the 2024 Summer Olympics. Budapest is the seventh city to pull out of the final stages of the Olympic bidding process in just the last four years.

Budapest’s decision leaves just two cities, Los Angeles and Paris, competing to host the games. Both have hosted before and the IOC is reportedly considering naming the runner-up as the host city for the next summer games in 2028. That may be a good idea since it seems like no one else wants to host what used to be considered a prestigious event.

The prestige is long gone as it is becoming quite clear that hosting the Games is a money pit. Cities are not making money and are actually losing millions of dollars.

It is becoming quite embarrassing for the IOC. Only two cities made it to the final voting for the 2022 Winter Olympics. Interested host cities are doing their homework now and report that the Olympics’ destructive effects on poor communities and exorbitant costs building infrastructure that often become empty buildings once the Games are over. Recent history at Rio de Janeiro last summer and in Russia two years ago confirm this.

Kurt Busch wins Daytona

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