Newton, NC – The Green Room Community Theatre, Inc. is pleased to present our annual Mary Catherine Shivers Scholarship and the Bob & Michele McCreary Scholarship. All applicants must be a graduating high school senior (from any high school or home school).

The Mary Catherine Shivers Scholarship is presented each year by The Green Room Community Theatre to one or more graduating high school seniors who have demonstrated exceptional aptitude in the theatre arts and plan to pursue a degree in the arts.

The Bob & Michele McCreary Scholarship is also given to a graduating senior who has been active in theatre arts, but is based on leadership and community service, and the recipient may be pursuing any major.

All completed applications must be delivered or postmarked for delivery to The Green Room Community Theatre by Friday, May 1, 2020. The recipient will be selected by the scholarship committee formed by the Board of Directors of The Green Room Community Theatre, Inc. Payment of the scholarship will be made to the recipient’s chosen institution upon admittance.

For more information about the Mary Catherine Shivers Scholarship, the Bob and Michele McCreary Scholarship, and The Green Room, please visit our website: (located under the Education tab). Please read the guidelines for each scholarship carefully. If you have any questions, please contact us at 828-464-6583. The Green Room Community Theatre is a funded affiliate of the United Arts Council of Catawba County.