Photo: Taylorsville Apple Festival: (left to right) Mac McCall, Rick Wagman, Kay Bowman, Danny Seaver, Elaine Seaver, and Vickie Smith

Bethlehem, NC – If you have been out shopping or attending festivals and farmer’s markets or just driving through Taylorsville, chances are you have seen the Lions of Bethlehem out raising money for the blind and vision impaired programs, community needs such as assisting

Photo: Salvation Army Bell Ringer: Mac McCall.

the Taylorsville Rotary Club’s Backpack program, Donating food for the needy, The Christian Crisis Center and the Salvation Army.

The Bethlehem Lions would like to wish everyone a very happy and safe new year. Where there’s a need, there’s a Lion.

Top photo: Downtown Taylorsville Roadblock for the blind: (left to Right) John Lackey, Greg Conrad, Mac McCall, Danny Seaver, Vickie Smith, Tom Panella, Shari Kidd, and Chuck Bethany