Gratitude isn’t a seasonal pastime. Never has been. However poignant it seems, once a year we are gently reminded to appreciate family, friends and our daily circumstances. We are prompted to reflect on what, and whom, we are grateful for in our lives. We count our blessings more this time of year than any other. Making lists, either written or verbal, of what we hold most dear to our hearts. Whether large or small, being grateful includes it all.

Thus, as the holiday season slowly descends upon us, we busy ourselves with thoughts of gift giving, tasty menus and will the weather be favorable for traveling to and from heartfelt gatherings. We dash about, frantically attempting to remember last minute details…before the last minute. All in an effort to show others how much we care.

Yet, while Christmas decorations have adorned the shelves for weeks, and Black Friday sales start earlier each year, it’s often hard to keep our eyes, and hearts, on what we are grateful for during holiday distractions. Sigh…as the fire fades to embers in the fireplace and s’more fixin’s are put away in the cupboard…breathe…and allow yourself to reflect on a personal feeling of gratitude.

It’s uncanny, especially during this time of year, how we are kinder to strangers. Our spirits are lifted higher in expectation of holiday festivities. Even a heart’s frosty chill melts during such joyful merriment. As families gather to honor and cherish each other, while wee ones scamper about underfoot basking in the warmth of family, it reminds us of what ‘being grateful’ really means.
Bobbi G
Even the simplicity of saying ‘thank you’ shows your appreciation. I’ve written many times on the impact ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ have on your personal well-being, as well as the receiver of your gratitude. Personally, I feel, it’s impossible to be overly grateful if you are sincere. Even I thank anyone who has done something for me. Regardless if they are the restaurant staff, store clerk, or telephone representative solving a ‘techy’ problem. Anytime anyone’s effort has been directed toward me, I am truly grateful.

Unfortunately, we take too much in life for granted. Breezing past gratitude like it’s a second thought we’re too busy to think. Being grateful should be as natural as breathing. I’m going to go out on a limb and express to everyone how I really feel. Saying ‘thank you’ should be on our lips more than vulgarity, rude comments, or hateful outbursts. It’s always (and always will be) my hope that we stop being unpleasant toward each other. Instead learning to appreciate the contributions we each make in our own way.

Waking up each day with an attitude of gratitude is truly living our best life. When we’re not appreciating all the little subtleties in our life, we totally miss the big picture. We are alive! We have been given a myriad of  moments in which to offer our gratitude each day. And the best news is…we can do it all again tomorrow. How awesome is that?!

This Thanksgiving, I am grateful for all of you…my readers…my friends. I do this for you because it is my hope that something I write touches your life in a positive way. I share my thoughts and feelings (some personal) with trepidation. Never knowing how it will be perceived. Yet, always with the prayer that what I compose becomes a cheerful reminder to constantly strive for a kinder and gentler world. Please believe kindness, gratitude and respect start within each of us.

Happy, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! Many, many thanks to you for meeting me here each week. May your life be blessed, today, tomorrow and always. Love, hugs and smiles…