“If I had a bag of thoughts it wouldn’t have a bottom. I’ve had so very many that quite often I’ve forgot ’em.”- Chainsaw.

“A foul odor rides a gentle breeze, wafting through the toiletries, that quite oft goes unheard. Even when the scents departed, one cannot deny they’ve farted- The desperate cry of an imprisoned turd.”- also Chainsaw.

With the opening quote from the writer it would seem he’s being a bit of an intellectual braggart. It may come across like he is boasting of having a plethora of ideas and conceptions so vast, that it is beyond human comprehension to hold them all. So many, in fact, that it’s implied that he has forgotten far more than most have even conceived.

It would seem that way from one perception, but if taken from an upside down perspective (do not literally turn this paper upside down, that’s merely a P.O.V. metaphor) it comes across as quite the opposite. Perhaps the writer isn’t bragging about all these grand thoughts but rather saddened by the fact that he can’t hold onto any. Could it be the bottomless “bag of thoughts” represents his fractured mental state? Maybe he doesn’t have so many that he forgets them, but rather he struggles to hang onto those he does? It’s all a matter of the reader’s perception. Not based in as much by what is written but rather how they want to perceive the writer. Judgement is passed based on an individual reader’s preference.

Either or, this quote is followed by a bit of questionable poetry. Which some will take as a defining point to determine their position and opinion on the quote above it. Is this a boasted thought or something he’s desperately clung to? Is he mocking the doubtful reader with his vast intelligence? Poking fun by saying ‘here’s something on your level of understanding?’ Or has the void of his mind only allotted this sad remnant to be produced? Perchance it came to him and was rapidly scribbled down before it could find its way into the black hole that is his mind. Or maybe he’s just bat-s*** nuts?

At first glance, this poetic verse could easily be snubbed and dismissed as base “potty humor.” That would be a fair assumption considering the subject matter. To give this further precedence, it gives no indication of metaphorical meaning and is apparently meant to be taken straight forward for what it is.

However, once again, we come to the matter of one’s perception, in this instance it being content versus composition. Despite the subject matter, anyone who knows anything of poetry cannot deny its proper construction. The verse employs a slight yet proper variation of the Keats’ Odes rhyme scheme. (Note: being a writer not a poet I may be choosing the wrong scheme. If there are any poets out there, feel free to correct me.) In addition, its basic rhyme scheme is solid, it employees clever play on words and is consistent to the subject matter throughout. All told, a well presented piece of work.

So what do you see, a boasting egomaniac or humble struggling artist? What did you read, a degrading snippet of potty humor or a humorously creative poetic work? Go on, there is no right or wrong, there is no judgment here to condemn you… and yet there is.

The moment you decide and make your own personal perception of the writer and work presented, you are passing judgement. You’ll be doing so based on eight lines of poetry. The ironic part is there is no offense found in this. Even if there were, and even if you deny judiciary prowess, it would be irrelevant. Why? Because despite any claims you make of being non-judgmental, you will judge and there is nothing to stop you from doing so. Of course in return the writer may also place judgment on you, as merely a natural defensive measure. Based on this retaliation you in turn will judge the writer’s response and he will judge yours. It’s an endless cycle we all like to pretend doesn’t exist.

There is a great deal of pity for those who believe the “no one can judge me!” mantra. Even more so for those who tattoo “only God can judge me!” on themselves. This type of mentality is utterly delusional. Oh my, have I offended you anti-judgmental types by judging your mentality? Well, in the same sense should you be judging my statement negatively? You can’t very well argue against judging with judging can you? Doesn’t it make you a judger if you judge someone else to be such?

The fact of the matter is whether we like it or not, admit it or not, we all judge one another quite often, based on far less than eight lines of poetry. Just because you don’t always verbalize it doesn’t mean you aren’t guilty of it. The thing to understand here is there’s nothing wrong with it.

Passing judgment on others is a natural involuntary survival instinct. It’s how we sort and decide what kind of people we wish to associate and be associated with. More importantly this is not to say that all judgment is bad or has to be negative. Some can actually be positive, and if nothing else, constructive on improving ourselves. Yes, you can learn a lot about yourself by judging yourself in the way you judge others. So judge one another because you are surely judging yourself…or should be.

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