Hickory – The 2nd annual Skate Jam Competition will be held on Saturday, July 16, starting at 10 a.m. at Stanford Skate Park. The event is open to anyone ages 4 and up and will be split into two different competitions, a game of SK8 and Skate Jam.Stanford Skate Park Hosts Skate

The game of SK8 is similar to horse in basketball where each skater will perform a trick and the next in line has to match it. The Skate Jam will allow each participant an opportunity to string together their best tricks in a timed run.

The cost for either part of the competition is $10 and $15 if you register for both SK8 and Skate Jam.

To register, click here: https://hickory.activityreg.com/selectactivity_t2.wcs