Those of you who have been with me for a long time might remember my column titled, “Utopia.” If so, bear with me as I summarize the premise for those who haven’t read it.

“Utopia” was about a dream I had in which I was riding a magic carpet high over an ever-changing landscape. From jagged mountains to lush green valleys I flew; unaware of the implications regarding the contrasting terrain below. All the while, a brilliant glow was present in the distance. I knew in my dream, that’s where I was going and kept my focus on the brilliant radiance. The dream ended as I approached a vivid display of colorful illumination. Realizing at that moment…it was Utopia.

Utopia’s is defined as a place where everything is perfect. Yet, perfection evades us all. However, we can strive to reach a place in our lives where we have inner peace. A place where we’ve banished our demons, freed ourselves of toxic behavior, and learned to live in the moment. Fully grateful to be alive, relishing the amazing journey before us.

Friends, the path of our life journey is not always rolling pastures, smooth passageways or incredibly easy. It can be rocky, strewn with enormous boulders temporarily detouring us from our familiar route. Or, as jagged as shards of broken glass piercing our every step, inflicting deep wounds; some bleeding for a lifetime.

Occasionally, the bottom drops away into a deep pool and it’s all we can do to keep our head above the water. Other times, everything dries up. Suppressed by infernal heat, we gingerly attempt to stay the course. Navigating towards a more suitable route which allows the torridness to abate. One that will hopefully remain free of obstacles long enough for us to regain our sense of self.

Yet, after repeated patches of harsh landscape we begin to doubt we are even on the right path. Yet, each of our paths are as unique to us as our own fingerprints. Even though we are deeply intertwined in the lives of others. Our journeys are distinctive from one another. Smooth, or wrought with twists and turns, it is up to each of us to negotiate our own way.

Hopefully, however, with the love and support of family and friends to lift our spirits as we tackle a jagged mountain. Or, encourage us while we tread water until being able to swim to shore. It’s those dark times in our lives that are the most difficult to navigate alone. We feel helpless. Abandoned. Afraid. Hopeless. Ungrateful. Angry. Guilty. Remorseful. Sad.

Thus, while the sharpen edges of painful events slow our pace, as if walking through quicksand, we struggle to continue our journey. Some of us plead for a ‘time out’ and take a break from moving forward. Content to root themselves firmly against the rocky cliff and wait. And wait. And wait. Hopefully for the day when the sharp edges will erode, the path will soften and then they’ll continue onward.

But often times, as the years go by, they become complacent. Accustomed to their surroundings they’ve come to accept the pain as part of life and no longer wish to navigate toward Utopia. Sadly, they are stuck. Rooted in the past. Burdened by painful memories. Or, overwhelmed by the journey.

Even in the darkest hour when they see the warm glow of Utopia illuminating the sky over the top of the cliff, they turn away. Even when they’ve been close enough to reach up with outstretched fingertips into the light, creating feathered breaks in its path…they continue to wait for someday.

Friends, I read somewhere: There are seven days in a week and ‘someday’ isn’t one of them. Stop waiting for ‘someday.’ Now is the time! Time to place our feet firmly on our path and continue to move forward no matter what. Not saying the path will be easy. But there are always lush, green valleys on the other side of rugged mountains. Enjoy your journey. Find your Utopia.

Can you imagine…arriving at Utopia?