Hickory – Redhawk Publications is pleased to announce the publication of Arlene Neal’s poetry collection, “There is Always Light.” A retired educator, Caldwell County resident Ms. Neal was the former Department Head of English at Catawba Valley Community College. This is the second published work by the author, having written a collection of her essays, “What Came to Me” published by local press, Third Lung.

“I have been writing since I was a old enough to hold a pencil. People think that is an exaggeration, but it’s not. I used an overturned cardboard box as my desk and scribbled when I was a young child,” commented Ms. Neal. “I have written columns for the News-Topic in Lenoir, NC since 2006. While my first book was an extension of my essays, this collection of poetry represents a distinct departure. It delves into the depths of my personal experiences, forging profound connections among readers. Through my poetry, I aspire to convey that we all share commonalities, ranging from the mundane tasks we encounter daily to the occasional moments of both joy and anguish that punctuate our individual journeys through life.”

Publisher Robert Canipe remarked, “We have always recognized the authentic writing prowess that Arlene possesses. Given our longstanding familiarity with her exceptional essay style, the advent of this poetry collection was a natural progression, and it certainly does not disappoint. Enthusiasts of poetry will undoubtedly enjoy this offering. Even those who claim to harbor no affinity for the genre will be captivated, as Arlene adeptly addresses a myriad of shared experiences. As readers immerse themselves in her poetic tapestry, they cannot help but draw parallels to their own lives and allow her vivid imagery to envelop their senses.” To order your copy of There is Always Light visit: https://tinyurl.com/ArleneNeal

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