Hickory – Poets Scott Owens and Pris Campbell have partnered once again to bring readers their latest poetry collection, “All In.” It promises to be just as rewarding as their previous works.

“All In” is a novel-length narrative sequence of poems that tells a love story in two voices. The collection is a sequel to their well-received book “Shadows Trail Them Home” published in 2012. The two poets have never met, yet they have managed to create a cohesive and compelling work that showcases their individual poetic styles.

According to Hickory Resident Owens, “This is our third collaboration, and the experience has been both fascinating and rewarding each time, and surprisingly easy. Pris and I seem to understand each other and each other’s characters intimately. Each revelation of nuance in plot, character, and the relationship by one author seamlessly led to a response from the other.”

Campbell, a retired Clinical Psychologist in Florida, has been writing continuously since 1999. She and Owens have crafted a story that will resonate with readers interested in poetry that also weaves a story. “In this case, it’s a story of love between two people with traumatic childhoods who found each other and helped heal one another. He was abused. She was molested. Both are gifted artistically. The male in the book, Norman is a successful poet. Sara is an artist with a preference for painting odd things that sell well such as women with purple breasts or wings. In this sequel, she has developed long term Covid,” Campbell explains.

“All In” is a must-read for poetry lovers looking for a unique and engaging narrative told through verse. It is available for purchase now from Redhawk Publications. To order your copy of All In visit https://tinyurl.com/ALLINScottPris