Streaming picks of the week:

Once Were Brothers: Robbie Robertson and The Band (***) The story of the highly revered group of musicians known as The Band is told through the vantage point of its chief architect, Robbie Robertson. Though the film doesn’t go quite as deep as one might like, particularly coming up short as to what became of the band members after the dissolution of the group, there are still many intriguing revelations during its unspooling. A great antidote for those stranded at home who are seeking an enlightening music documentary. (Streaming on all platforms).

Robbie Robertson and The Band

Mystify: Michael Hutchence (2019) (***) is another worthy music documentary that, unfortunately, flew under the radar when it was theatrically released at the tail end of last year. Hutchence, of course, was the lead singer of the 80s/90s pop sensation, INXS. Director Richard Lowenstein gives the viewer a portrait of this intensely complicated man that is endlessly revelatory. His short and tragic life are given much well deserved attention. (Streaming on all platforms and available on disc from Shout Factory with multiple extras.)

New Disc Releases:

Arrow Video:

Kansas City (1996) Director Robert Altman’s depression era tribute to the city of his youth stars Jennifer Jason Leigh, Harry Belafonte and Miranda Richardson. Extras include commentary, newly filmed appreciation, trailers and photo galleries.

The Passion of Darkly Noon (1995) Brenda Fraser stars in this portrait of the sole survivor of an isolated attack on a religious community. Phillip Ridley directs. Extras include music demos, featurette and commentary.


Leave Her to Heaven (1945) Gene Tierney stars in this classic Technicolor film noir about a mentally disturbed socialite who will stop at nothing to get her husband’s undivided attention. Extras include an interview piece on the film and theatrical trailer.


Recorder: The Marion Stokes Project (2019) is a fascinating documentary detailing the incredible quest of one woman to document on videotape our world’s history. It was accomplished using around the clock video recorders in an effort to capture multiple newscasts over a 35 years period. And that’s only half the story.

Museo (2018) Gael Barcia Bernal stars in this well reviewed Mexican heist film. Extras include deleted scenes.

Cohen Media Group:

Shooting the Mafia (2019) is a documentary detailing the tribulations of photojournalist Letizia Battaglia as she attempted to capture day to day Sicilian life in the 1970s.

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