Hiddenite, NC – Who’s ready for some fun? CyberBuzz Entertainment will open on Saturday, April 9, at 3750 NC Highway 90 East in Hiddenite. A ribbon cutting arranged by the Alexander County Economic Development Corporation (EDC) will celebrate the doors opening at 10:00 a.m. with play continuing until 10:00 p.m.Ready For Some Virtual Reality?

Owner Nathan Buzzell invites the public to take a journey into the virtual world with the fully immersive virtual reality experience at CyberBuzz Entertainment. The new entertainment venue features the Omni Arena, virtual reality (VR) games, VR escape rooms, a battle arena, axe throwing, and laser tag.

The Omni Arena at CyberBuzz Entertainment is one of only 54 in the world. Omni Arena games let you compete with your friends on the VR battlefield with “Elite Force,” destroy hordes of zombies together with “Dead Zone Zombies,” chase swashbuckling pirates in the all new “Blackbeard,” protect a town from plundering bandits in the new “Gunslinger Outlaw Shootout,” and more. The Omni Arena allows multiple players to experience immersive VR gameplay in a shared environment.

Buzzell said his 14-year-old son Avery sparked the idea for the new Alexander County business. A student at East Alexander Middle School, Avery worked with his father from the beginning to establish the new business.

“Virtual reality is the future of gaming,” Avery said. An avid gamer, Averyb (his username) at CyberBuzz in Hiddenite, currently ranks No. 3 on Omni Arena’s national leaderboard.

“CyberBuzz offers something that cannot be achieved at home – the social experience. At CyberBuzz Entertainment we’re not selling a game, we are selling an experience,” said Buzzell. “For instance, the escape rooms present eight different environments enabling four or five people an interactive team-building experience.”

Buzzell said the VR escape room environments provide corporations with an opportunity for staff members to participate in team-building exercises without traveling out of the county.

CyberBuzz Entertainment has a strict sanitation protocol and will maintain COVID compliance practices at the new venue.

Laser tag and axe throwing will be offered in an outdoor setting on the CyberBuzz property. A World Axe Throwing League Competition is planned in the future at the Hiddenite location.

Buzzell has years of experience with telecommunications which enable corporations to purchase access and network capacity through satellite terminal stations. Buzz Communications, his primary company based in Stony Point, works with companies in several states in the southeastern region of the United States.

For more information about CyberBuzz Entertainment, visit www.cyberbuzzentertainment.com or call 828-352-9255.