Bethlehem, NC – Since 1977, the Bethlehem Star has graced the skyline as a treasured symbol of the Bethlehem community in Alexander County. On October 23 of last year, the Star was damaged beyond repair by the EF2 tornado that passed through Bethlehem.

The tornado damage done to the Bethlehem Star has encouraged the formation of a new committee to make plans for the new star. This newly-formed committee has planned a meeting to share updated details as well as to hear ideas and suggestions. The meeting will be held on Tuesday September 25, at 6:30pm at Mt. Pisgah Lutheran Church, 9379 Route 127 North in Bethlehem. The meeting is open to all community, church, and business leaders.

This long-standing tradition in our community is one which we all have grown to cherish and have been inspired by the Star that lights up the sky both in our morning and evening Christmas travels. Join the excitement in planning the new star and the accompanying newly revised community gathering, which will be both family friendly and Christ centered.

Come share your support and ideas as well as hear how the committee believes our Lord is leading the community in this new and exciting venture together. If you are interested in joining the new Bethlehem Star committee or have additional comments or plans to share, please call Committee Member, Rev. Mike Stone at 828.495.8251 or join the planning, September 25.