Dallas, NC – That’s right! Pat “Mother Blues” Cohen will be taking the stage at the Summer Concert Series downton, in the Historic Dallas Court Square, once again Friday, August 12th at 6:30!

If you missed it last year, you missed the show of the year. Mama rolls into town like a hurricane and will literally sweep you off your feet!

Since the age of six, Pat was surrounded by music. Her blues classroom was on the porch of her uncle’s house where one played the guitar and the other played the harmonica.

Her first professional engagement came in the early 1980’s when she was asked to perform at a local club where she was attending college. “I had three days to find three musicians and put together 30 songs,” she said.

“They loved me—the rest is history because I’ve been singing the Blues ever since.”

For years, Pat sang in New Orleans six nights a week, performing at a wide array of venues including the House of Blues, until Katrina destroyed her home. She relocated to North Carolina and has recently started touring with the Music Maker Blues Revue. Larger than life, “Mother Blues” unfurls the tapestry of her life experiences to her audience in soulful words and music. She shares the mettle, pathos and ocean-deep compassion of the famous female blues singers she idolizes—women like Billie Holiday, Koko Taylor and Etta James.

The concert will run from 6:30 to 8:30 and is, as always, free to the public. Bring a lawnchair out and enjoy the show!

The Summer Concert Series is proudly brought to you with help from our generous sponsors: The Town of Dallas, Visit Gaston and Sandi & Chris Dobbins.

Pat Cohen, aka Mother Blues