Hmm… where to begin, as we toss a potential literary hand-grenade? Well first things first, in case you were wondering; this week’s title is not a typo. Considering the date it’s easy to see how someone could discern that as an error but it is not. Rest assured nobody forgot the “M.”

During this time of year someone always makes the query of whether or not there will be an article with that unforgotten “M” applied. In retrospect regular readers will realize they can’t readily recall any writing rhetoric rendered here on this subject. They would be correct. There never has been nor will there ever be and the reason is simple. Mine own female parental figure has requested that nary should I make reference to her presence or existence in any written script. Humbly this wish is acknowledged and respected regardless of psychological ramifications. Oh, speaking of ramifications…

FOREWARNING: To any ladies, members of the fairer sex or those of the female variety in general (think about that) who may be reading this. The intent of this article is not to in any way, shape or form belittle, insult, offend or question a woman’s place in society or in the home. Rather its purpose is to question the proper usage of an appointed title or lack thereof. Spoiler alert: in the same respect that any man can be a father but it takes someone special to be a daddy it’s also true that not just anyone can be a mother but everyone can be a mom. Yeah, you might want to read back over that last bit and let it sink in, so you get the full perspective of where we’re going with this.

What are the set parameters and requirements for being a mother? In order to become a mother one must be able to biologically produce a child. To achieve this goal a person must have the proper reproductive organs in preferably healthy working order. Once a child is conceived, either through intercourse or manually (artificial insemination), it must be carried to full term (nine months give or take). Finally it must be removed from the mother, preferably with medical assistance. (This is not to say there is anything wrong with elevator or backseat babies). Once past the miracle of birth and all the natural biological functions it incorporates and requires, the “mothering” portion in the grand circle of life is complete and never to be forgotten… because she won’t let you.

As well you shouldn’t; this woman suffered and went through hell on earth to provide you safe passage into this world. Therein lies a debt of gratitude you can never equally repay.

However, it’s not something that should be hung over your head as an endless guilt trip for the rest of your life. She gave birth to you but wasn’t it she who chose to do so?

You had absolutely no say in the matter. She brought you into this world but you never asked to be here…who’s to say you even wanted to? Where would you be, right now, if you’d never been born?

OK we’re getting way too metaphysical and veering way off course here… now where were we?

Many mothers hold to the firm belief that once they bear a child their work is done. They base, maintain and lay claim to their “motherly” status based solely on that initial event. Perhaps they are unaware that it takes a lot more time, love and effort beyond those first nine months to become a mom.

To be fair, quite a few mothers go on to become great moms. They understand that birth was just the beginning and take on the challenge that will last a lifetime. They enter the battlefield armed with love, understanding and good snacks. Hoping to help their little person become the best big person they can be. Sadly, in our modern world there are an equal amount of mothers who suck at being motherly. This is where moms come in.

Not just anyone can be a mother but everyone can be a mom. (Told-ja it was spoiler alert). A mom doesn’t have to be the person who gave birth to you. A mom doesn’t even have to be related to you. A mom can be a woman or a man. And, if necessary or willingly available, you can have more than one. It doesn’t matter who they are, but when you find them you’ll know.

Mom is the one that loves you like no other. Mom is the one that makes sure you’re taken care of and always have what you need when they can provide it. If mom can’t provide it then by gawd mom will find a way to get it. Mom pays attention and listens intently when you tell them about your great big day at school. Mom listens with the same rapt attention when you call them about a bad day at work. Mom will laugh at your worst jokes and comfort you when you’re at your worst. Mom will always be there with a Band-Aid and kisses or a hot meal and place to sleep. Mom sits up with you when you’re sick or shows up with hot chicken-noodle soup when they can’t. Mom will understand and support you when the rest of the world doesn’t. Most importantly, mom will love you no matter what. Yes we mentioned that twice because they love you twice as much.

So always show gratitude to your mother, after all without her you wouldn’t be here, but remember to take just a moment to consider the others. They may not have brought you into this world but they’ve been right there with you every step of your way through it. HAPPY MOM’S DAY!!!

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Hope to hear from ya, until then try and stay focused. See ya!