Hickory – Many people worry that if they are unable to care for themselves or their loved ones, a nursing home may be the only option. However, there are many alternatives — from assisted living centers with amenities such as swimming pools or weight rooms, to retirement communities with access to food services and transportation, to adult day care programs that allow you to enjoy a fulfilling social life and access to medical treatment on site. Consider all your options when deciding the best fit not just yourself, but those closest to you, too! This article explores some of these options.Support Group For Caregivers

Assisted Living Centers
Some people may find the cost of assisted living centers to be out of reach, while others consider them to be a welcoming place to enjoy their twilight years that is well worth the cost. The benefits of assisted living facilities are numerous — they often provide food service professionals to prepare your meals three times daily; nurses on staff 24/7 in case of emergencies; social workers to keep you company and provide recreational activities; housekeeping services so your living area stays nice and clean; and the chance to meet and socialize with your peers.

Retirement Communities
Retirement communities are often a safe, secure and lower cost alternative to assisted living centers, but typically do not offer the same level of healthcare and personal care. But, like an assisted living center, they often provide food services if you are unable to prepare meals for yourself, as well as housekeeping and transportation services.

Adult Day Care
Adult day care provides a safe and comfortable atmosphere for seniors who may need around-the-clock supervision. This gives them the opportunity to leave their home for companionship and support activities, decreasing their risk of social isolation. It also offers respite for caregivers by providing extra assistance and ensuring your loved one gets all the attention he/she needs.

PACE (Programs for All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly) is a federally funded program administered by states through Medicaid waivers. It provides comprehensive care coordination and services in the community while also providing an option to transition from long-term institutional settings such as hospitals or skilled nursing centers back into their homes. The benefits are numerous: It can be less expensive than hospitalization because the program is structured to efficiently provide the wide variety of medical services that participants may need, along with food and transportation services. For more information about PACE@Home, visit pace-at-home.org or call 828.468.3980, TTY: 800.735.2962.

Choose the Option that is Best for You or Your Loved One
Nursing homes are still a popular option for seniors to live out their golden years. But, with so many options available, don’t assume it’s your only solution. Explore all the alternatives before you make a decision to make sure you find the one that best fits your lifestyle and goals.