Blackkklansman (2018) (*** ½) The true story of Ron Stallworth, an African American detective who infiltrated the KKK in 1972, forms the basis of this triumphant return to form for veteran director Spike Lee. Extras include trailer and a featurette.

Warner Brothers: 

Crazy Rich Asians (2018) (***) Comedic complications ensue when a New Yorker travels to Singapore for a first time meeting with her fiancee’s family in this adaptation of Kevin Kwan’s bestselling novel. Extras include director commentary, deleted scenes and gag reel. 

Red Wind Productions: (limited to 3,000 units and available at www.screenarchives.com) 

Sunshine (1973) (***) One of the highest rated TV movies of all time upon its CBS TV debut in November 1973, this true story of a wife and mother facing terminal illness makes its way to home video for the first time in a new 4K transfer. Extras include a trailer. 


Joseph Campbell: The Power of Myth (1987) (***) The acclaimed PBS documentary exploring the subject of myth and mythology makes it way to home video in a multi disc collection. Extras include a new documentary about storyteller Joseph Campbell. 

MVD Visual: 

New Wave: Dare to be Different (2018) (***) is an intriguing documentary about the radio visionaries who helped to bring the musical movement known as New Wave to the forefront in the early 1980s. Extras include bonus interviews.

 Scream/Shout Factory: 

Single White Female (1992) (***) Director Barbet Schroeder’s enormously successful take on the subject of the roommate from hell holds up pretty well all these years later. Extras include interviews, trailer and audio commentary.

 Sleepwalkers (1992) (** ½) is an occasionally effective tale of modern day vampires on the move. It’s also the only script Stephen King has written directly for the screen. Extras include audio commentary, new interviews and behind the scenes footage.

 Urban Legends/Urban Legends: Final Cut (1998/2000) (** ½/**) have been issued as separate releases and will please fans of both films. The original film has been issued as a two disc set featuring numerous extras while its sequel, a single platter, also contains new interviews with cast and crew.

 The Critters Box (1986-1992) (** ½ average) features all four films in this cult horror series. The extras include making of documentaries for all of the films in the series along with new 2K scans and many other extras.

 Candyman (1992) (** ½) The spirit of a dead slave is back for revenge in this well regarded fright film from director Bernard Rose. Extras include two cuts of the film, commentaries, interviews, featurettes, trailers and TV spots.

 Fireworks (2017) (***) is an enchanting Japanese animated fantasy wherein an unhappy teenage girl discovers a way to turn back the past. Extras include trailers and behind the scenes featurette.

 Olive Films:

 Mr. Capra Goes to War (*** 1/2) is a fascinating collection of the WW II documentaries which director Frank Capra made for the war effort. Extras include the documentary Frank Capra: Why We Fight.

 Warner Archive:

 The Satanic Rites of Dracula (1973) (**1/2) is the final appearance of Christopher Lee as Dracula and features a plot involving the Count and his quest to develop a super plague. Unreleased in America until 1979. No extras.

 Bogart and Bacall: The Complete Collection (1944-1948) (*** ½ average) features all of the films the duo made for Warner Brothers. These include To Have and Have Not, The Big Sleep, Dark Passage and Key Largo. Each film includes multiple extras.

 Mame (1974) (**) is star Lucille Ball’s critically lambasted attempt at a musical remake of Auntie Mame. Not a great film but Lucy fans will be more forgiving. Extras include the trailer.

 Brewster McCloud (1970) (** ½) is director Robert Altman’s next film after MASH, a strange tale of an odd man-child (Bud Cort) who lives under the Houston Astrodome and wants to fly. Extras include the trailer.

 Twilight Time: (Limited to 3,000 units and available at www.screenarchives.com)

 The True Story of Jesse James (1957) (** ½) The title says all in director Nicholas Ray’s take on the legendary outlaw. Robert Wagner stars. Extras include music track and trailer.

 Oklahoma Crude (1973) (***) George C. Scott and Faye Dunaway take on the big oil companies while attempting to drill, baby, drill in director Stanley Kramer’s action adventure. Extras include trailer and isolated music track.

 Antony and Cleopatra (1972)  (** ½) Charlton Heston stars in this okay adaptation of the Shakespeare play. Extras include trailer and music track.

Photo: Laura Harrier, John David Washington & Damaris  Lewis in Blackkklansman

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