Newton, NC – As the nation commemorates the first moon landing 50 years ago, PBS is readying the release of its three-part American Experience series called Chasing the Moon. As part of a special agreement, the Catawba County Library System will be offering a sneak peek of the documentary at 6 pm on Thursday, June 27 at the Main Library in Newton (115 West C Street) in advance of its planned premiere on July 8.

The library’s selected segment, Saving 1968, focuses on the lead-up to the actual landing, including the trials affecting the program beforehand. It will showcase the national pride, technological achievements, and can-do spirit that accompanied the moon mission.

In addition to catching a glimpse of the upcoming series, attendees will be encouraged to share their memories of the 1969 moon landing – from where they were when it happened to how they felt as the universe became just a bit more accessible.

Guests can also indulge in retro refreshments at an astronaut-themed ice cream social. They can sample Tang, the instant orange beverage served on many early space flights, and enjoy Dippin’ Dots, which isn’t exactly the freeze-dried ice cream that the astronauts ate but feels just as otherworldly!

Families are encouraged to attend together, especially if grandparents recall the moon landing and can talk about it with younger family members. Tables that can seat up to six will be available for groups. To reserve one or to get additional details, please call 828.465.8665.

For more information about the screening or the Catawba County Libraries, visit, call 828.465.8664, email, or visit them on Facebook.