Film Reviews by Adam Long

Now in Theaters: 

Ant Man and the Wasp: Quantumania (Not Reviewed) The title characters discover the Quantum realm and battle creatures (don’t they always?) in the lastest Marvel concoction.

New to Disc: 

New To Theaters And Disc

Paul Rudd and Jonathan Majors In Ant Man and The Wasp


The Hunter (1980) The final film for actor Steve McQueen, wherein he stars as a bounty hunter saddled with both work troubles and impending fatherhood, makes its Blu Ray debut. Extras include a new commentary. 

Werewolf of Washington (1973) Milton Moses Ginsberg’s satirical look at Washington during the Watergate era, starring Dean Stockwell as the creature of the film’s title, gets its first ever Blu Ray release in this new edition that includes both a director’s cut and the original theatrical version. Also included is a director interview. 

Silent Avant Garde (Various Release Dates) is a collection of 21 short art film experiments in high-definition from 5K scans. Films included are The Enchanted City (1922), Return to Reason (1923), Ballet Mechanique (1924, 1931), The Twenty-Four Dollar Island (1925), Eisenstein Mexican Footage (1930), Escape, Synchromy No. 4 (1938), The Eclipse (1936-1949), Look Park (1973), and Tenga fe (2022). 


Dazed and Confused (1993) Richard Linklater’s 1970s era coming of age comedy that made stars of many of its cast is getting a 4K UHD upgrade from the label this week in a new edition. Previous extras from the Blu Ray set have been retained. 

New To Theaters And Disc

Steve McQueen in The Hunter

Blue Underground:

Two films from cult director, Jess Franco, make their 4K debut this week on the label in separate new editions that retain previous extras.  Justine (1969) stars Klaus Kinski and Maria Rohm, while Eugenie (1970), also features Rohm along with Christopher Lee. 

Shout/Scream Factory: 

The Magnificent Seven (1960) Director John Sturges’ reimagining of The Seven Samurai makes the 4K leap this week in a new edition that includes archival commentary from several cast members and a few featurettes. 

Slumber Party Massacre (1982)/Slumber Party Massacre 2 (1987) Two of producer Roger Corman’s 80s slasher film output have been issued on 4K disc this week from the label. Previously issued extras include interviews and commentary. 

Sony Pictures:

Two art house films from the studio that made an impression upon their original release are getting physical disc releases this week. Remains of the Day (1993), previously issued on Blu Ray, gets a 4K upgrade while Indochine (1992) gets its first ever Blu Ray issue.