Now in Theaters:

 The Last Voyage of the Demeter – A single chapter from Bram Stoker’s novel, Dracula, serves as the basis for this horror tale from director Andre Ovredal. This entry spins the tale of the vampire’s voyage aboard a cargo ship as he heads to Transylvania and snacks on a few victims along the way.

Aisling Franciosi and Corey Hawkins in The Last Voyage of the Demeter.


Now On DISC:


Go Tell the Spartans (1978) Burt Lancaster is a military Major, conflicted with his feelings about the wisdom of sending soldiers to Vietnam in the early 1960s, in this drama directed by Ted Post now being reissued on Blu Ray after being out of print.


Asteroid City (2023) Wes Anderson’s latest, involving the disruption of a 1955 space cadet convention due to an impending asteroid, makes its way to disc this week with a few new bonus features.


Roman Holiday (1953) William Wyler’s classic tale of a princess’ (Audrey Hepburn) trip to Rome and her romance (Gregory Peck) with a reporter comes to 4K this week in a new edition that retains the previously issued bonus features.


Is Paris Burning (1966) Rene Clement’s dramatization of the Paris Liberation of 1944 has been lovingly restored in this new special edition which also includes a new commentary.

The Day and The Hour (1963) is another WWII drama from Rene Clement centering on a woman who gets caught up in the resistance. Also includes a new commentary.

 Audie Murphy Collection Volume 3 (1960-63) Three more films starring the war hero turned actor-Showdown, Hell Bent for Leather, Posse from Hell-make their way to Blu Ray in this new collection. Bonus material include new commentaries.

Shout Factory:

The label has issued the latest collection from the Hong Kong studio, Shaw Brothers Classics Volume 2 (1970-76). Titles included are Lady of Steel / Brothers Five / The Crimson Charm / The Shadow Whip / The Delightful Forest / The Devil’s Mirror / Man of Iron / The Water Margin / The Bride From Hell / Heroes Two / The Flying Guillotine / The Dragon Missile. Copious amounts of bonus material is also included.

Film Movement:

Aloners – In this Korean import, A young woman who lives the life of a loner faces an existential crisis when she’s forced to take on a trainee at her job. Extras include a bonus short film.

Seire – A couple finds their newborn being invaded by evil forces in this Korean horror entry. No Extras.