Now in Theaters:

 It Ain’t Over – Billy Crystal, Derek Jeter and Bob Costas are but three of the interview subjects who appear in this enlightening documentary portrait of baseball legend, Yogi Berra.

New to Disc:


The Super Mario Brothers Movie (2023) The recent animated box office blockbuster makes its way to 4K and Blu-Ray this week along with a few new extras.


Insidious (2011) James Wan’s acclaimed horror film, which spawned multiple sequels, makes the leap to 4K this week along with previously issued extras.

Film Movement:

Two of Japanese filmmaker Naomi Kawase’s films, Still the Water (2014) and Radiance (2017), are making their disc debut on DVD this week in new editions from the label.

Shout/Scream Factory:

 Shaw Brothers Classics Volume 1 (1967-69) is a new Blu-Ray collection of films from the legendary Hong Kong studio. Titles included in the set are: The Assassin, The Thundering Sword, The Golden Swallow, The Jade Raksha, The Bells of Death, The Sword of Swords, Killer Darts, The Invincible Fist, Dragon Swamp, The Flying Dagger, and The Golden Sword. They are accompanied with various extras.


Time Bandits (1981) Terry Gilliam’s fantasy/comedy about time traveling little people gets a 4K upgrade from the label this week in a new edition that ports over the previous extras.

Cohen Media:

Everything Went Fine (2020) Sophie Marceau is a daughter tasked with a difficult decision after her father suffers a stroke in this critically acclaimed film from Francois Ozon. No extras.


The Package (1988) Gene Hackman is a Sergeant caught in a military conspiracy in this taut thriller from director Andrew Davis. Extras include a new commentary and interview.

Juggernaut (1974) Richard Lester directs a terrific ensemble cast in this suspenser concerning the efforts to stop a terrorist who has planted bombs on a luxury liner. Extras include a new commentary.

The Great Train Robbery (1979) Sean Connery and Donald Sutherland team up in Michael Crichton’s true life heist film set in the 1800s getting a Blu-Ray reissue this week. Extras include a commentary.

Gorky Park (1983) Lee Marvin and William Hurt co-star in this tale of a detective attempting to solve a gruesome series of murders in the location of the film’s title. Michael Apted directs. Extras include a new commentary.

Also being issued by the label is the silent film, The Oyster Princess (1919).

MVD Rewind:

Rain Man (1988) The Best Picture/Best Actor Oscar winner gets a first ever 4K release with a new transfer supervised by the film’s director, Barry Levinson. Several featurettes,. commentaries and a deleted scene are also included.

Also being issued by the label this week are Witchtrap (1989) and Kill Zone (1985).