Now in Theaters: 

Shazam: Fury of the Gods (not reviewed) In this sequel the title character finds himself and his friends pitted against ancient Gods seeking retribution for magical powers that were taken from them.

New to Disc:


New To Theaters And Disc

Zachary Levi in Shazam

Inland Empire (2006) David Lynch’s three hour tale of an actress’s descent into mental instability makes its Blu Ray debut. There are multiple new extras on the release as well. 


Dragsonslayer (1981) The Oscar nominated tale of a Sorcerer’s apprentice (Peter MacNicol) and his quest to slay a monstrous dragon arrives in a new director approved 4K edition with a few new featurettes and a commentary from filmmaker Matthew Robbins. A limited Steelbook edition is also available. 

Red Eye (2005) Wes Craven’s suspense tale of a woman who finds herself kidnapped on the flight of the film’s title gets a 4K upgrade as part of the Paramount Presents line of titles. The release includes bonus material as well. 

Babylon (2023) Acclaimed filmmaker Damien Chazelle’s take on the early days of Hollywood arrives on physical media in both Blu Ray and 4K editions accompanied by new featurettes and commentary.

Also being issued on Blu Ray for the first time by the label are Critical Condition (1987) and Crazy People (1990). 

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Season One (2022) The first season of the prequel to the classic TV series arrives in both Blu Ray and DVD editions along with a few new extras. 

Scream/Shout Factory: 

Dr. Giggles (1992) Larry Drake stars as the insane doctor of the title in this cult horror film getting a deluxe Blu Ray release from the label with some new extras. 

Sorry, Wrong Number (1948) The classic thriller starring Barbara Stanwyck makes its Blu Ray debut as well in this new edition. There are multiple new extras including a commentary. 


Some of the new offerings from the studio this week include the Bob Hope comedies, Thanks for the Memory (1938) and Never Say Die (1939), along with the Alan Ladd thriller, Lucky Jordan (1942). 


M3Gan (2023) The recent box office winning horror film about a murderous doll comes to Blu Ray this week in an unrated edition along with some featurettes.