New to disc:

Penguin Bloom (2020) Andrew Lincoln and Naomi Watts star as a couple finding meaning in life while nursing a magpie back to health.

The White Tiger (2021) Ramin Bahrani’s latest is the tale of an Indian driver determined to rise out of his poverty stricken life.

Warner Archive:

After The Thin Man (1936) William Powell and Myrna Loy return in the second installment of the beloved series. This time sleuthing husband and wife team, Nick and Nora, attempt to locate the husband of Nora’s cousin. Extras include comedy short and cartoons, radio show and trailer.

The Pajama Game (1957) Bob Fosse choreographed and Doris Day and John Raitt star in this musical set against the backdrop of a proposed strike at a Pajama Factory. Extras include a deleted song and trailer.

Good News (1947) Peter Lawford is a local football star and June Allyson is the academically gifted girl helping him along in his academic struggles in this musical. Extras include a deleted musical number, MGM radio promo and trailer.

Room For One More (1952) Cary Grant and Betsy Drake star in this comedy about a married couple trying to find common ground as to whether they should add another bundle to their already full house. Extras include several classic cartoons and trailer.


The Court Jester (1955) The much loved comic riff on cinematic swashbucklers has been issued in a 65th anniversary edition, remastered from a 6K film transfer, as part of the Paramount Presents series. Danny Kaye stars as an entertainer using his comedic skills to convince a king that he’s a Jester in order to eradicate the court of its resident villain. Extras include a featurette with Leonard Maltin and trailer.

Fatman (2020) stars Mel Gibson as a real Chris Cringle A/K/A Santa Claus who’s forced to partner up with the US military while also dodging bullets from a hired assassin on his trail. Extras include deleted scenes, commentary and featurette.


Gamera: The Showa Era (1965-80) and Gamera: The Heisei Era (1995-2006). The recently released and now out of print box sets containing all of the films featuring the gigantic flying turtle, Gamera, have been reissued in separate box sets and with all of the previous extras.

Southland Tales (2006) Richard Kelly’s follow-up to Donnie Darko, his cult classic from 2001, is a tale of three of three eclectic characters attempting to make sense of their lives against a backdrop of upheaval. Dwayne Johnson and Sarah Michelle Gellar star. Extras include two cuts of the film, commentary, documentary, featurette and trailer.