Film Reviews by Adam Long

New to Disc:


The Other Side of the Mountain/The Other Side of the Mountain, Part 2 (1975-78) The true story of Jill Kinmont, a championship skier paralyzed from the neck down who later found a career calling as an educator and painter, is the subject of these two well received biopics. Marilyn Hassett delivers a terrific performance in the lead. Extras include a director interview and trailers.

Hard to Hold (1984) Pop star Rick Springfield attempted to make the transition to film actor in this tale of the romance between a pop star and a child psychologist. Extras include commentary by Bryan Reesman and director interview, radio spots and a trailer.

The Allnighter (1987) Susanna Hoffs, lead singer of the pop group, The Bangles, made her acting debut in this tale of a college senior attempting to find lasting romance in the days leading up to graduation. Extras include two commentaries, music video and trailer.


Man Push Cart (2005) The acclaimed debut of filmmaker Ramin Bahrani is the tale of a former Pakistani rock star now working long hours selling goods in America as a street vendor in order to support his son. Extras include archived commentary, new conversations with the director, trailer, essay book and a 1998 short film.

Chop Shop (2007) Ramin Bahrani’s follow up to Man Push Cart is the tale of a twelve year old hustling in the streets of New York City in order to support himself and his sister. Extras include archived commentary, new filmmaker conversations, rehearsal footage, essay book and trailer.

Smooth Talk (1985) Laura Dern is a fifteen year old whose preoccupation with her sexuality is leading her down the wrong path in this film hailed in many critical circles during its day. Extras include a director/writer/actress conversation, interviews, short films and essay booklet.

Warner Archive:

Show Boat (1951) The third film version of the celebrated musical makes its Blu-Ray debut with a beautiful new restoration. Extras include director commentary, radio broadcasts, and trailer.

Pump Up the Volume (1990) A teenage pirate radio DJ runs afoul of the FCC when he does an expose on questionable practices at his school. Christian Slater stars in this cult classic. No extras.

Pump Up The Volume Movie

Other Warner Archive releases this week include On Moonlight Bay (1951) and My Dream is Yours (1949).


John Hughes 5 Movie Collection (1986-88) is a new Blu-Ray set containing all of the of the filmmakers output at Paramount, several for the first time in hi-def. All extras from previous releases are included.

Lady Sings the Blues (1972) Diana Ross stars as Billie Holliday in this compelling look at the troubled singer’s life. Richard Pryor and Billy Dee Williams co-star in the Oscar nominated film. Extras include featurettes and a trailer.


Shogun’s Joy of Torture (1968) is a three part Japanese anthology film that sparked much controversy in its day. Extras on the new release include featurettes, image gallery, trailer and commentary.


The Amy Schumer Show: The Complete Series (2013-16) contains all of the episodes from the Comedy Central series with extras.

Time Life:

Rowan and Martin’s Laugh In: The Complete Series (1968-73) All 6 seasons and 140 episodes of the landmark comedy show have been culled together in a massive 37 disc set. Extras include a cast reunion and original pilot.