Hickory – Redhawk Publications is pleased to announce the release of “Salem Lutheran and United Church of Christ: A Story of Faith and Peace,” a new book written by local historian Robert C. Carpenter. Co-editors, Susan Harris and Robin Nicholson, played instrumental roles in ensuring the publication of this significant work, which sheds light on the unique history of the church.

Sisters Susan and Robin, who have a deep-rooted connection to the church spanning generations, joined the project as co-editors due to its profound personal and historical ties. The Salem Lutheran and United Church of Christ in Lincoln County is likely the only historic remaining union church in the state, where two denominations jointly own and utilize the same property. Robin Nicholson emphasized, “We felt it was crucial to bring attention to our family church’s extraordinary past, as it represents a distinct piece of our community’s heritage.”

The inception of the book dates back nearly three decades ago when the church approached a historian to develop a manuscript in anticipation of its 200th Anniversary celebration. However, the proposed manuscript fell short of expectations and was deemed unsuitable by the committee members. The project team then enlisted the expertise of Robert Carpenter, known throughout the state for his expertise in local history. Susan Harris shared, “Robert was recommended for the project by Jason Harpe, the former Director of the local historical association. We all recognized Robert’s exceptional skills as a writer and historian. We knew he was the perfect fit for this undertaking.”

Through extensive research and numerous interviews, Carpenter produced a definitive work that surpasses all previous attempts. Following a period of challenges and diminished interest, Susan and Robin revived the project bringing the manuscript up to date and included a number of supplemental pieces which added significant value to the overall history of the project.

Publishing the book presented its own set of challenges, particularly finding an affordable publisher capable of accommodating smaller print runs for the modest-sized congregation. Susan expressed gratitude, stating, “We were fortunate to find a solution in Redhawk Publications, who not only met our financial constraints but also demonstrated flexibility in printing smaller quantities. Their support has been invaluable throughout this journey.”

To order your copy of Salem Lutheran and United Church of Christ: A Story of Faith and Peace visit: https://tinyurl.com/SalemLutheranUnitedChurch

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