Hickory – HSCC is bucking the inflation trend, and for ONE DAY ONLY, on April 14, HSCC will be offering up to 100 Male Cat Neuters for 5 cents each. Your 5 pennies Neuter A Male Catwill cover the cost of surgery, protective e-collar (“cone of shame”), and post-operative pain medication.

There will be a limit of TWO cats per household, and appointments are required. Open to all surrounding counties. All cats must show proof of a current rabies vaccination. If your cat is not current, you must pre-pay the $10 rabies vaccination fee when you make your appointment. Any additional vaccinations or services (cryptorchid/undescended testicle, hernia repair, etc.) will be charged at the regular rate.

Get your male cat neutered to help control the number of unwanted kittens in our area.

Other reasons to neuter:
Reduce your cat’s urge to spray and mark
Help keep him from straying and possibly being injured
Prolong his life for 3-5 years
Eliminate the risk of some cancers
Curb aggressive behavior

Shake-Shake-Shake that Piggy Bank and get ready to lay down those 5 cents to keep your male cat healthy and prevent the birth of unwanted kittens!

Call (828) 464-8878 to schedule your cat’s appointment!!! 100 Appointments ONLY!!!

NOTE: This offer is for MALE CATS ONLY. Cats must be a minimum of 3 months old AND weigh at least 3 pounds. “No-shows” will only be re-scheduled with regular cat neuter price payment of $45.00.