Hickory – As Greater Hickory Cooperative Christian Ministry (GHCCM) moves forward with the vision and strategic plan for being a transformational ministry, the short-term goal and future is to expand the outreach of NETworX Catawba to include intentional communities to serve a larger population within Catawba County. Although GHCCM is experiencing a ‘new normal’, the ministry’s leadership is moving forward with implementing plans for our future.

As the GHCCM strategies are being formulated and put into action, it is announced that Liz Goebelbecker, Director of NETworX Catawba, is leaving her position to pursue her personal desire to develop a holistic community partnership. Dr. Kathy Wood, Executive Director of GHCCM, states, “Our community is grateful for the leadership and guidance that Liz has provided over the last 5 years. She has solidified the meaning of an intentional community and has developed an incredible relationship with participants. Her impact and positive influence on many lives is valuable.” Josh Herman, who has been working with Liz, will continue as the NETworX Catawba Coordinator.

NETworX Catawba, a ministry of GHCCM and within the Whole Life Center (WLC), views poverty as a wholistic (whole person) concern that includes spiritual, physical, cognitive, emotional, social, and financial well-being. NETworX Catawba engages the community in helping move individuals and families out of poverty and addresses solutions to poverty. NETworX Catawba follows the philosophy that “it is through friendship and journeying together that transformation for all our lives and our community will occur.”

The first step in NETworX curriculum is the participation in the 12-week community meetings. The areas of exploration include wellness, cultural differences, trauma and much more. Through analysis, the goals are to examine resilience, healing, resource-building, and healthy relationships.

As we approach the fall, GHCCM will be exploring a variety of areas within our community to establish multiple small group intentional communities. At each location, there will be a trained community facilitator. As explained by Dr. Wood, “GHCCM is currently looking for facilitators who are genuine, authentic, passionate about building relationships, comfortable with the uncomfortable, non-judgmental, and willing to share their own vulnerabilities. Each intentional community will be a small group with no more that 12-15 participants”.

The locations are determined as GHCCM discovers an identified need and a desire to journey with individuals and families to transform lives as they move toward self-reliance, social well-being, and economic stability. Lily Moody, GHCCM Assistant Executive Director and Director of the Whole Life Center, explains, “As the intentional community joins together in a safe and accepting environment, we build bridges over societal barriers like class, race, sexual orientation, gender and age. Through having an advocate for each other, respect for our neighbor, and trust in one another true transformation occurs. The transformational ministry sees each of our neighbors as unique individuals with unique needs.”

The address of GHCCM is 31 First Avenue, SE, Hickory, NC. The phone number is 828-327-0979. Hours of operation are Monday – Thursday, 8:00 am – 4:30 pm, Friday, 8:00 am – noon. Financial donations are critical during the current pandemic crisis.

Donations may be mailed or made on-line at www.ccmhickory.org/donate. Food donations are accepted during business hours, Monday – Friday at the rear loading dock. The website for GHCCM is www.ccmhickory.org. For additional information email info@ccmhickory.org.

To volunteer within all areas of GHCCM, please send your request to outreach@ccmhickory.org.