Film Reviews by Adam LongNow in Theaters:

Memory (2022) Liam Neeson, in his second indistinguishable action film entry this year, is a hitman with Alzheimer’s Disease who must check his list twice to make sure he doesn’t plug the wrong target. Martin Campbell, who hit loftier heights with the James Bond entry, Casino Royale, a decade and a half ago, directs.

New to Disc:


The Outfit (***) Mark Rylance stars in this nifty thriller set in the 1950s concerning a tailor using his wits to survive after becoming entangled with the mob and an incriminating tape. Twists and turns abound right up until the final scene in one of the better films to see a theatrical release in the calendar year thus far.

Smokin’ Aces (2006) (** ½) Joe Carnahan’s action film about a nightclub entertainer finding his life turned topsy turvy after agreeing to testify against the mob gets the 4K UHD treatment this week.


The Good Fight Season Five (2021) All ten episodes of the latest season of the legal drama starring Emmy Award Winner Christine Baranski makes its home video debut this week in a three-disc set with extras that include deleted scenes and a gag reel.


Francis the Talking Mule 7 Film Collection (1950-56) All seven films in the series of comedies made by Universal Pictures get the Blu Ray treatment in this new collection featuring new commentaries and the film’s trailers. Donald O’Connor appears in all but the final film.

Sacco and Venzetti (1971) is a dramatization of the trial of the two subjects of the film’s title, legendary anarchists prosecuted for their political beliefs as opposed to the actual crimes committed. Extras include new commentary.

Gagarine (2022) A sixteen-year-old boy with dreams of becoming an astronaut finds bigger problems in his orbit when his apartment building is threatened with demolition in this French drama.

Imprint Films:

Across 110th Street (1973) (*** ½) Director Barry Shear’s terrific crime thriller with a Harlem setting, featuring a terrific performance by Anthony Quinn as a lawman determined to solve the heist of $300,000 from the mob, is getting a reissue with a new commentary.


Lovecut (2022) is a German import exploring the intertwining love lives of six young adults. Winner of the Film Festival Max Ophuls Preis for Best Screenplay.


Johnny Flynn and Zoey Deutch in The Outfit