Charlie and Nicole (Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson) are a couple who, for various reasons, have drifted apart. He’s a director of some note who has managed some measure of fame staging plays. He also very much loves NYC where he lives and thrives. She’s a former actress who misses Southern California and regrets putting her acting career on hold. Together they have a child that they both adore and for whom they only want the best. What happens when these two realities collide form the crux of Noah Baumbach’s latest, Marriage Story, a searing portrait of the end stages of a marriage.

Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver in Marriage Story

I’m not sure why filmmaker Noah Baumbach’s new film, Marriage Story, isn’t called A Divorce Story. That would be a more apt title I’m lead to believe. Anyone heading into this one should know that isn’t a movie about a marriage but, rather, the dissolution of said marriage. And like any marriage that’s coming apart the film is, at times, messy and uncomfortable to watch. For anyone who’s gone through a similar situation there are scenes that are sure to make one wince in pain. Yet that’s one of the reasons why the film is such a compelling and honest thing to behold. No other filmmaker since Ingmar Bergman has captured this subject in such a way. For that Baumbach, along with his incredible cast who give it their all, must be given his kudos.

Marriage Story is available December 6 on Netflix .

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