Hickory – Burke County resident Ms. Tonja Smith and Raleigh resident, Ms. Emily Smith, have collaborated on an engaging children’s bookLocal Release & Book Signing that focuses on the adventures of three playful dogs in the Appalachian Mountains. The book, “The Adventures of Bailey, Bleecker, and Baily in Linville Gorge,” delights all ages with realistic illustrations by Tonja and shared writing credits with daughter Emily.

“This was our first attempt at publishing, so we had no idea of the time and work involved in creating a children’s illustrated book. It was worth it, however. Collaborating with my daughter was the icing on the cake,” says Ms. Tonja Smith. Burke County, Linville Gorge and the Appalachian are the playground for the three adventuresome pups. “We have always taken our dogs to the parks, trails, and lakes in the nearby mountains. And as a painter, over the years I built up quite a collection of paintings that incorporated the local mountains as well as our dogs.”

Emily Smith was eager to work on the project with her mother. “I grew up going to the mountains with my family. I thought it was only fitting to work on this project to share how not only how people enjoy the beauty of the Western Carolina landscape, but our little fur buddies appreciate it, too! Hopefully this book will inspire local residents to get outside, enjoy nature – and bring your dog with you!”

Burke County Tourism Development Director, Ed Phillips, feels the book is a loving embrace to Burke County. “The artwork found in this book are all real locations, many of which are in Burke County. We are fortunate that the Smith’s created such a fanciful journey which takes the young reader through the landscape we are blessed enough to live in.”

The official book launch will take place on Saturday Sept. 25th at 11am at Adventure Bound Books in Morganton, NC. It will feature both authors making an appearance, a select reading and book signings.

Buy Copies at Adventure Bound Books or Order online at: https://tinyurl.com/BaileyBleeckerBanjo