Lincolnton, NC – Sight is a precious gift. Do you have unwanted  eyeglasses and hearing aids laying around at your house, office, etc. Don’t know what to do with them? Why not donate, deposit, and recycle them in a Lincolnton Lions Club boxes strategically located in the following businesses, optometrist, ophthalmologist offices, and funeral homes in Cherryville, Denver, and Lincolnton?

Businesses:   Noblot Jewelers, 107 East Main Street (Downtown Lincolnton).
Audiologist, Ear Nose & Throat Physicians, and Hearing Aides Offices: 

Alps Mtn. Affordable Hearing Aide- 1417 East Main Street, Lincolnton;  Best Value Hearing Care Center-819 East Sycamore Street, Lincolnton;  Carolina Ear, Nose, & Throat- 751 South Laurel, Lincolnton;  Graystone Ear, Nose, & Throat- 1470 East Gaston Street, Lincolnton; Lincoln Eye Center- 110 Doctor’s Park, Lincolnton.

Chiropractic Offices:  Dr. Robin Owings & Dr. Rob Schick- Pro Wellness Family Chiropractic- 1814 North Aspen Street, Lincolnton.

Funeral Homes:  Carpenter Funeral Home- 1110 East Main Street, Cherryville;  EF Drum Funeral Home- 201 South Academy Street, Lincolnton;  Good Samaritan Funeral Home- 3362 North Highway 16, Denver;  Stamey-Cherryville Funeral Home- Cherryville; Warlick’s Funeral Home-125 Dave Warlick Drive, Lincolnton.

Optometrist, Ophthalmologist, Vision Care Centers:  Advanced Family Eye Care- 7547 Waterside Loop Road, Suite A, Denver;  Carolina Eye Center- 623  North Highway 16, Denver;  Carolina Eye Center-231 North General’s Boulevard, Lincolnton;  Cherryville Eye Care-201 West Church Street, Cherryville; Graystone Ophthalmology PA- 2311 East Main Street, Lincolnton; Lincoln Eye Center- 110 Doctor’s Park, Lincolnton; Wal-Mart Vision Center-306 North General’s Boulevard.

Pharmacies:  The Drug Store- 626 Center Drive, Lincolnton and  Keever Pharmacy- 102 Doctor’s Park, Lincolnton.

Due state and federal public health laws, unwanted  eyeglasses  are shipped overseas. Contact lens are neither accepted nor recyclable for health reasons. Prescription sunglasses are especially needed in nations located near the Equator.  There is always a shortage of recyclable children eyeglasses and sunglasses.

Imagine  your personal  satisfaction if  your recycled eyeglasses help a child to read.  An adult succeed in his job. A senior maintain her independence. Provide a community with more opportunities to grow and thrive. The Lions thank you for your support!