kastnerbibleDallas, NC – Opening July 26 and running through August 13, 2016 at the Gaston County Museum is The Kastner Family Bible (pictured here) . This display will feature a spectacular 452-year-old German bible. Each year, the museum exhibits the Kastner (Rhyne) family bible for three weeks in August. This exhibit coincides with the local and national Rhyne and Costner Family Reunions. To aid in its preservation, and keep up interest, a different page containing a woodcut illustration is exhibited. This year we will be featuring an illustration from the 14th  Chapter of Exodus – Moses Parts the Red Sea. Various prints from the bible are available in the Museum Gift Shop.

The Kastner (Rhyne) family bible is a German language bible printed c.1564. It is a corrected version of Martin Luther’s first translation of the bible into German. Adam Kastner brought the bible to America in 1745. The Kastner family intermarried with the Rhyne family of this area and the bible was handed down through the Rhyne family until it was donated to the Gaston County Museum. There are over 730 pages in the bible and a woodcut illustration appears about every seven pages, on average. The woodcuts include full illustrations as well as decorative scrollwork and other accents. Some illustrations are duplicates. Woodcuts which depict general scenes such as war, debauchery, plague, or angels were reused by the publisher rather than having new ones made. Gaston County Museum of Art and History is at 131 Main Street, Dallas, NC, 28034. Phone: 704-922-7681.