File this in your ironic file. Michael Vick giving advice on morals, etc., to Colin Kaepernick. He also made the statement that the stand Kaepernick took regarding the national anthem had nothing to do with why the free agent quarterback cannot find a job. Vick cited that Kaepernick is coming off two bad seasons for the San Francisco 49ers.

Personally, I find it quite difficult to say that Kaepernick’s national anthem protests had nothing  to do with why he is not on a NFL roster. The way I see it is that he is not a slam dunk starter, and teams knowing this don’t want a backup who gets the attention and will create the divisiveness that Kaepernick will bring. Take away the protests and he would be on a roster. He clearly has more talent than a vast majority of backup quarterbacks. And he is still relatively young.

The morals I spoke of coming from Vick were that he felt Kaepernick should get a haircut in an effort to change his image. He was alluding to the militant look Kaepernick has going is not working on himself getting back in the corporate world of the NFL.

Vick, of course, had first hand experience of restoring an image after serving time in federal prison for his part in a dog-fighting ring.

ACC Football

The Atlantic Coast Conference had its media day last week and a number of questions were addressed by conference members.

The ACC is coming off the best season in conference history, with national champion Clemson, Heisman Trophy winner Lamar Jackson and preseason College Football Playoff favorite Florida State leading the way.

The overriding question centers around the prospects of the conference matching or surpassing last year’s successes. In many people’s minds, the ACC supplanted the SEC as the top conference in college football last season. Now the ACC must figure out how to stay on top.

The league’s strength looks roughly the same this year: Florida State and Clemson lead the way, while Louisville, Miami and Virginia Tech appear to be Top 25 teams. NC State, Pitt and Georgia Tech could also make a push for national ranking.

We may find out early enough just how strong the ACC will be in 2017. Clemson will play Auburn. Florida State will meet Alabama, Virginia Tech will see West Virginia. Pitt will play Penn State and Oklahoma. Last year, the ACC won the vast majority of these types of big games. We will see how it goes this year.
Flamar jackson
The big question with Clemson this summer is at quarterback. With Deshaun Watson gone, the most obvious question surrounding Clemson and its national title hopes rests on what happens at quarterback. Right now, it looks like Kelly Bryant.

Is Miami for real? That is another question making the rounds. They return most of a very good defense and also return two 1,000 yard rushers along with sophomore All-American receiver, Ahmmon Richards.

What can Lamar Jackson do to top his Heisman campaign for Louisville? Jackson put together one of the best seasons in NCAA history. He returns and hopes to refine his game for the next level.

The ACC could very well stay above the SEC again this year. The depth is getting better and better which means the games are getting better and better on a weekly basis.

Colin Kaepernick’s hair ROCKS

Lamar Jackson