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Skin: A History of Nudity in the Movies (2020) Billed as the definitive history of nudity in film, this documentary covers both the history of nudity in the movies from the silent era to the present and the societal changes that lead to the use of nudity in film. This proves to be both entertaining and informative.

Boys State (2020) Thorsten Thielow directs this moving documentary in which a group of Texas teens get an idea of what it’s like to be a part of the governing body in these sometimes-great United States.

The Sound of Metal (2019) Riz Ahmed is a heavy metal drummer facing a crisis worse than the death of rock and roll when he comes to the realization that he’s losing his hearing. Stylishly directed by Darius Marder.

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The Gamera Collection (1965-2006) The legendary giant flying turtle, Gamera, gets his due with this 8 disc, 13 film box set that includes all of the original Japanese features in the series. The set boasts terrific new transfers, a booklet and tons of extras.

Flash Gordon (1980) The beloved 80s cult classic from producer Dino De Laurentiis makes its debut in the 4K format in both a standard and a collectible edition. The 2-disc set features a sparkling new transfer and multiple extras that include many details on the creation of the film and its lasting impact.

Pitch Black (2000) The survivors of a crash landing on an alien planet are pitted against creatures who appear when the sun goes down in this Vin Diesel starrer that spawned several sequels. The film is now being released on the 4K format with multiple extras and a terrific new transfer.

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Clara’s Heart (1988) Whoopi Goldberg, in one her better performances, is a Jamaican maid who brings aid to a family in crisis in this drama from director Robert Mulligan (Summer of 42, To Kill a Mockingbird). No Extras.


Confidence (1980) A man and a woman, circa WW II, are forced to pose as husband and wife in order to disguise the fact they are part of the anti Nazi resistance in director Istvan Zsabo’s powerful film that was nominated for a Best Foreign Film Oscar. Extras include several featurettes.

Gordon Lightfoot: If You Could Read My Mind (2019) The life and times of the revered Canadian singer-songwriter are at the center of this documentary which also includes appearances from many of his fans and colleagues, Alec Baldwin among them. No Extras.