Film Reviews by Adam Long

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We Broke Up

William Jackson Harper and Aya Cash in We Broke Up

We Broke Up (2021) A recently split couple decides to pretend to still be together until after the wedding of the woman’s sister in this rom com from director Jeff Rosenberg.

New to Disc:


Memories of Murder (2003) Oscar winner Bong Joon Ho (Parasite) directs this dramatization of a set of serial killings that caused a stir in a rural Korean community in the 1980s. Extras include interviews, documentary, deleted scenes, two commentaries, student film, trailer.

The Furies (1950) Walter Huston (in his final film) feuds with his daughter (Barbara Stanwyck) over her choice of a husband and her land ownership in 1870s New Mexico. Anthony Mann directs. Extras include a commentary, interviews, still gallery and trailer.

Warner Archive:

 Annie Get Your Gun (1950) George Sidney and Busby Berkely co directed this adaptation of the beloved Broadway smash, featuring now classic songs by Irving Berlin. Extras include outtakes, pre recorded audio sessions in stereo and intro by actress Susan Lucci.

Doctor X (1932) A scientist is tasked with solving a mysterious murder by attempting to recreate the circumstances under which it occurred in this three strip Technicolor thriller starring Lionel Atwill and Fay Wray. Extras include the separately filmed black and white version of the film, featurette, restoration comparison, commentaries and trailer.

Greed Dolphin Street (1947) Two sisters with distinctively different personalities clash when a man comes between them in this special effects Oscar winner. Lana Turner, Donna Reed and Richard Hart star. Extras include and audio broadcast and the film’s trailer.

Indie Pix:

Run For Your Life (1985) Two friends find themselves in hot water after stumbling upon a drug ring in this thriller from South Africa. No Extras.

Faceless Man (1985) An unsuspecting man finds his life upended when he stumbles into an assassination plot. No Extras.

White Shadow (2013) An Albino boy is on the run from an organization wishing to harvest and sell his body parts in this foreign thriller. Extras include a trailer.

Ambushed (1988) A game ranger and an assistant make a plan to rescue the ranger’s wife from army deserters in this action film from South Africa. No Extras.