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Mane Movie

Amanda Seyfriend in Mane

Mank (2020) Director David Fincher’s latest, filmed in glorious black and white, is a biopic about troubled screenwriter Herman J. Mankiewicz and his role in the co-writing of the classic film, Citizen Kane. Gary Oldman stars in the title role and Amanda Seyfried is his love interest.

76 Days (2020) Directors Hao Wu and Weixi Chen, with the help of footage taken from the front lines in WuHan, have sculpted a haunting portrait of the early days of the COVID 19 pandemic in this gut-wrenching documentary.

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Collateral (2004) Michael Mann’s Oscar nominated action film gets a nice 4K upgrade with this release, which also imports all of the extras from previous editions. Jamie Foxx is a cab driver taken hostage by a hit man (Tom Cruise) with a big to-do list in the very satisfying film.

Yellowstone Season 3 (2020) Kevin Costner returns in the third season following the life and times of a family of ranchers. In this season the family is threatened by a Wall Street takeover. The set contains over four hours of extras, which include multiple featurettes.

The Godfather Coda: The Death of Michael Corleone (1990/2020) The third, and hotly debated, final film in the Godfather series has been reedited by its director, Francis Ford Coppola. No new footage has been added and the only difference is that some scenes have been shortened or appear in different places in the film giving the film a running time ten minutes shorter than its previous incarnation. The only extra is a director intro.

Olive Films:  

Rio Grande (1950) John Wayne and director John Ford teamed yet again for this classic tale of the attempts of an Army colonel’s estranged wife to keep her son out of danger, during his time as a member of the cavalry. This Olive Signature edition contains multiple documentaries and featurettes, a visual essay, audio commentary, essay book and theatrical trailer.


Cinema Paridiso (1988) A boy’s love for the movies and his friendship with the local theater projectionist is the basis for this Oscar winner, one of the best foreign films of the 1980s. This 4K upgrade retains all of the previous extras from its Blu Ray release from several years back.

Versus (2000) This celebrated import from Japan is the tale of a prisoner who makes his escape through the forest, only to discover he’s a pawn in a bigger game. Extras include a bonus cut of the film, documentaries, essays, trailers, deleted scenes, festival screening footage and booklet.

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