New to Streaming:

 A Rainy Day in New York City (2018) Woody Allen’s 48th film as writer-director-a romantic comedy starring Timothy Challemet and Selena Gomez- finally makes its US debut.

New to Disc:


The Deeper You Dig (2019) The ghost of a murdered four year girl haunts the mind of the man who accidentally caused her death in this thriller. The two disc set includes multiple extras.

Little Nothings (1992) The celebrated French comedy about a man given a year to turn a failing department store around is given the deluxe treatment with new extras and a brand new transfer.

Shout Factory:

The Wonderland (2019) A girl with no confidence is suddenly tasked with saving the world in this animated film from Japanese filmmaker Keiichi Hara.

 Warner Brothers:

Josh Whitehouse and Jessica Rothe in Valley Girl

Valley Girl (2020) The fondly remembered 1983 film gets an updated musical treatment in this remake. Jessica Rothe and Judy Greer star.


Pierrot Le Fou (1965) Jean Luc Goddard’s tale of a disenfranchised married man who hits the road has been issued with a new transfer and newly created extras.


The Hard Way (1991), The Secret of My Success (1987) Two films starring Michael J. Fox, have been issued separately.

Kino is also releasing three films separately starring George Peppard. They are the detective thriller, PJ (1969), the thriller The Groundstar Conspiracy (1974) and the action film Newman’s Law (1974).

Warner Archive:

Drop Dead Gorgeous (1999) Kirsten Dunst, Denise Richards and Kirstie Alley star in this dark comedy revolving around a small town beauty pageant.


The Vanished (2020) A young girl goes missing and, after getting no satisfactory help in finding her, the parents take matters into their own hands. Thomas Jane, Anne Heche and Jason Pactric star.

Corinth Films:

The company is offering Botero (2018), a documentary on the ultra prolific artist, Fernando Botero, along with the German dramatization of the 2005 honor killing of Hatun Aynur Surucu, A Regular Woman (2018).

Film Movement:

The Polish horror film, Sword of God (2018) and the British Vampire tale Carmilla (2019), have been issued by the good folks at Film Movement with impressive transfers.