Hickory – Did you know that Hickory Public Library makes house calls?

As part of its Senior Outreach Program, Hickory Public Library offers home delivery services for seniors within City limits who cannot travel to library buildings due to health or transportation challenges.Home Delivery Services Available

Library staff will deliver materials to individuals once per month and collect the previous month’s items at the same time.

Hickory resident Esther Greene, 94, has been taking advantage of this service for several years. She loves to read large print books from the library and has been known to finish reading a book in just two days.

“People that are homebound need this connection,” she said. Reading not only provides entertainment for Greene, she said it also helps keep her mind sharp and make productive use of her time.

Hickory Public Library Senior Outreach Coordinator Jennifer Williams said that only a small number of local seniors are currently receiving house calls from the library, but she would like to see that number grow.

“If more people knew about this service, I’m sure that they would want to take advantage of it,” Williams said.

In addition to large print books, seniors receiving house calls can be delivered audiobooks on CDs, music CDs, and DVDs from the library.

If needed, Williams can also help homebound individuals with technology issues on computers or tablets during her delivery visits.

Individuals interested in receiving house calls from the library need to complete a short form to set up the service.

For more information about Hickory Public Library’s house calls and other senior outreach services, please call 828-304-0500.