Hickory – juniorHMA: The Exhibition, An exhibition created especially for children and their families that encourages engagement with Hickory Museum of Art’s Collection. EveryHMA Creates New Exhibition For Children artwork in the show will have a corresponding hands-on interactive that highlights a different element of art.

Whether exploring with bristle blocks, designing with a giant Lite Brite, or trying their hand at weaving, kids will have a tactile experience of the creative process. The paintings and sculpture chosen from HMA’s Collection will also be installed in a fun way. Working with the Autistic Education Foundation, the museum will introduce additional sensory components, wayfinding, and a picture exchange communication system.

juniorHMA will also be used to introduce a new campaign designed for all children, reflecting HMA’s core belief of Complete Inclusivity. Creativity is my Super Power will have engagement opportunities throughout the Museum for children to “power up” their creativity. Each child will receive a power pack to fuel their creativity in the Museum and at home. The exhibition will run May 8-September 19 in the Shuford Gallery. Hickory Museum of Art is located on The SALT Block at 243 3rd Ave NE, Hickory, NC 28601.

juniorHMA’s new exhibit for children opens May 8