Hickory – When driving at night in Hickory, NC you may notice police cars using solid blue lights. As part of the department’s ongoing Pay Attention in City Traffic initiative, officers will begin using their Hickory Police To Utilize Cruiser Lightssolid blue cruiser lights as a way of deterring crime and increasing visibility on heavily traveled streets and roads.

Motorists do not need to stop or yield to patrol vehicles utilizing these solid lights during routine patrol. Officers will continue to activate flashing lights and sirens during emergency situations and traffic stops in which citizens are required to stop or yield the right of way.

“This technique will make our officers more visible to the citizens of Hickory,” said Chief Whisnant. “Additionally, it will impart a sense of safety, deter crime and allow our citizens to quickly identify law enforcement.”

The patrol cruiser light utilization has been initiated in other jurisdictions across the nation with positive responses and results. Hickory Police remind citizens if the blue light is solid, it’s routine business, no cause for concern and there is no need to stop or yield.